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Ron G Jun/ 30/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s blog we’re going over I think Vechain is not at a dollar right now and comparing it to a coin is okay. I get this question a lot. I get this question; When will Vechain come up to like $3? What’s your Prediction? When is the bull run going to come?

I was doing some research. I know a lot of you are using coinmarketcap. This is the best site to go through. I prefer coin paprika or coin gecko. For those of you who are using coinmarketcap.

I see here, Bitcoin is number 1, Ethereum is number 2 and XRP is on number 3. Let’s look at the price and the volume. In this list. Vechain is on number 35. On coin paprika, Vechain is listed number 36. Coin Gecko is listed at 33. I always use coinpaprika. I’m going to compare this to a coin that is hovering over a dollar and has less statistics that are significantly lower than Vechain and if you think Vechain being at .0044 and why isn’t it a dollar.

As you can see here, the amount of holders that we have that are plus one year or longer is 96%. That means 96% of you guys believe that Vechain has a huge possibility in the future which is good. I’m going to show you a comparison and we’re going to be comparing this coin with.

Like I mentioned, Vechain 96% of you guys. 96% of the holders the time held is over one year. Then, from one to 12 months only 4% and less than a month is zero. Let’s take a look at dai. Dai only 6% of people will hold over a year. 93% are gonna hold for 1-12 months and if you look at the price. Compare this Dai is at $1. Vechain is at .0045 does that make sense? No, it doesn’t and sometimes you think about all of these things. What’s going on in Crypto currency market and the altcoin market.

Right now, we’ve got too bullish, too bearish. It’s kind of neutral. The signal value were in the pot of bullish side on markets. We’re on the upside. we’re in the 4.78 on the bullish side. The bid ask volume and the imbalance look we’re at minus 1.78. Most of it is either neutral heading towards. The network growth is bearish. Concentration is neutral and the money is minus 10% value. When we compare these stats with Vechain.

Look at all the signals, we’re bullish. That’s a huge indicator. In the image shown is a good indicator, the concentration we’re heading more towards bullish the network growth. Like I mentioned before in my other videos, pandemic, covid etc. These things take time to ramp up because we have Vechain that has real use case scenario. We’re in professional services and enterprise based solutions so, it’s a fluff coin that is just doing things based on high transactions per second. It’s a lot more than what Vechain offers.

In the money, at least we’re not completely bearish. We’re heading more towards neutral. This is not a factor to me. Large transactions, there’s always like whales that come in and come out. Every so often exchanges. That’s positive news.

Last, take a look at this. (image shows below) It at position 56 on coinmarketcap. 24 hour trading volume is 13 million and the price of dai is $1 and then you look at where Vechain is on position 35, trading at .004 with 201 million 24 volume trading and it blows my mind and the price is .0046. When people ask me does Vechain have the potential to get to a dollar 100% easy dollar.

Not financial advice but when you look at all these metrics statistics, the news. Let’s do comparison over. Vechain is at 141 million and we have DAI which is 37 million. DAI is training at a dollar. Let’s look at the charts itself. DAI just hovering neutral kind of flat sideways. Always been in a dollar.

If you go to Vechain. Year to date. I think the highest we were at .007 back in February and it kind of dipped down black Thursday it’s .0017 was the lowest and everyone went down. We’re slowly climbing back.

You kind of question these other coins and you could use these tools as well and kind of compare these other coins and it’s like well why isn’t Vechain at a dollar? You know I asked that question myself but I think it’s just a matter of time. Once bitcoin rallies up high. Vechain is going to have it.

I ask myself the same exact question when I see other great coins pump. Digibyte for example! Its not a garbage coin at all but I think Vechain has a great utility and just makes you say hmmmmmmm.