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Ron G Aug/ 20/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s video and blog, we’re going to be talking about pump and dump coins. I’m not a strong believer in trash-talking a lot of coins. I want to supposedly talk about this coin that everyone had their eyes.

A couple of weeks ago I had a lot of people ask me, should I invest? Even my friends were asking. Well, there’s a big pump going on and I always said, you know for that pump of slow down and just do your own homework, do your own due diligence and see what’s going on with that coin.

For example; if you’re comparing without going to Vienna to Ethereum or to Bitcoin. For example; Ethereum or Vechain. If you look at the utility the use case, the customers what’s going on why is it pumping? There was news out there that JP Morgan Chase or Mastercards adopting their platform etc. But, if you look at digibyte it’s like why did it pump and why was it going up? Its just pure speculation, it was by chance, was someone adopting their blockchain technology, etc. So, those are the things kind of look at when getting into cryptocurrency.

This happens a lot with male manipulation and the bad thing is like the whole cryptocurrency market you see things going up and down. Down for no reason and sometimes you look is like manipulation is that the whales pumping the coin and that’s a bad thing. It does happen and the way I see this with digibyte and with Jared Tate and the way he handles it. It wasn’t a good look, no matter what. I don’t care for whatever reasons. If you’re the owner of a company, a CEO, a face of the company and you’re saying well I’m not leaving for good so, possibly you’re coming back. If you think you’re coming back why not just keep everything on the low. Don’t even say anything. But why would you even do that? I know this is gonna create a lot of controversies.

I don’t hold digibyte. I was gonna buy but a lot of my friends were like let’s invest a couple of thousand then I’m just writing it out, wait it out, see what happens. See if it’s just gonna pump and dump and Sorry but it did and then you got news from Jared Tate on Social media that says at the end of the day I’m telling my friends I’m like sell for what it’s worth right now at point zero one seven or point zero one six and that’s it. Maybe you’ve already made your gains like hopefully that you got in at point zero seven or something and it’s still at above a penny. Great! Take cash out your profits and I think it’s gonna go continue on a down client unless the board or the members or more people from the community or the side of digibyte. Gets on like an AMA and just kind of reassures the community of what’s going on.

This is an article from decrypting it says, this does not mean I’m leaving digibyte forever but it doesn’t mean I’ll be focusing on open source digibyte check to build some commercial applications on my own but I don’t have taken a different approach it pumps like and don’t make it look like a pump and dump and you leave. Just keep it quiet and let digibyte do its things. It shares, it just created more drama, controversy out there and people like myself creating videos and you see Yes, you see the trolls on Twitter and Tweeting on Jared’s Twitter account and it’s normal it’s gonna happen and if that was gonna happen like why even they come out and create all those long tweets and you should have just left it and done.

Some advice, not financial advice but when you do see stuff like this, just ask the community around. Join the community like join the Reddit groups and figure out what’s going on and just ask the questions. Or go to YouTube channels and those community supporters that give you honest opinions of their coins like for example. I do a lot of AMAs when people ask me for advice like I said it’s not financial advice but I’ll give you my honest opinion like I’m not here to sell you on anything affiliate links any courses yet or like there will be affiliate links to help support the channel but someone’s honest opinion see what they say and then join the Reddit forums. I mean you have great contributors on the Reddit forums that’ll tell you what’s going on so, it’s awesome what’s with the surge, what’s with the price, etc.

Are they landing and deal with Massacre that they’re gonna be using their blockchain technology etc. so, you just kind of have to do your own diligence and see what’s going on in the market but as you can see from this article. This is article was written on the 19th about almost 2 days now and it just mentions that was up 930 percent and then now it went down and I think he was above three pennies and now I think we’re sitting at the point as writing this article or whoever wrote this article he was sitting at .017 and now we can look at the price and it’s .015.

I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of trolls and you there’s gonna be a lot of comments on this channel but my honest opinion I would just solve for what it hopes that you got in at .009 just below a penny and kind of take your profits from now that’s my opinion that’s what I would do and I just think this is bad for the market.