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Ron G Jun/ 17/ 2020 | 0

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I got some great news. Early this week I made a blog basically on David and Darius is tweet. In David tweets, it says “news is coming” Here’s the original tweet that David had on April 24th and it says what do all these companies have in common? You’ll soon find out.

In his new tweet, he retweets GS1 Australia 2DB. The future of Fresh foods for retail. Transforming the way food is managed in the supply chain for greater customer safety but what is 2DB check it out. David tweets back to Sarah Naba. Sarah Naba is the vice president, business development director over at Vechain Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australia he tweets back at her and his company so, I’m 90% sure this is going to be on the blockchain relating to Vechain. This is great news because if you look at who GS1 Australia is and who Woolworths is. This is Woolworths (Image shows below) they have local stores. A huge online store up in Australia and if you look at the locations. There are amount of SKUs so this is good news because that means more VTH burn, more products on the main net and we can look at the list of stores. So this is on Australia look at the map here so this is actually really good news. Imagine all of these chains and stores have those products and if you look at the SKUs or the list of catalogs. The catalog list of products that are gonna be on the Vechain. Thor, the main net is gonna be massive.

If you click on the link indicated here in the image. It says food Australia. So the official public a fast 2D barcodes the future of fresh foods for retail so when I work in the supply chain industry. We also scan QR codes but that might have different information like lot number SKU number etc and then we program our barcode scanners to have GS1 readability. Basically as long as that barcode symbologies read within that scanner we can program these QR codes to read that information and present it in a certain way but to me, this sounds looks like it’s a part of a blockchain possibly on Vechain but I know that Woolworths is actually working on a blockchain project.

This is an article from LinkedIn. I was looking for Vechain but if you put in the blockchain you can see that Woolworths backs supply chain revolution EscaVox with KTM Ventures this basically sums up that they are working on a blockchain project. So, I’m not too sure maybe they’ve kind of worked with David’s team and Sarah’s team on Vechain to integrate this into the works. Hoping we can hear more news if it is. I think it is because of what the tweet I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to make it misleading but he does put coming Vechain Woolworths.

Vechain Woolsworth Australian Grocery Chain news?

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Hopefully the news is all related to Wooldworth using the Vechain mainnet and their solution! Go VET go!

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