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Ron G Aug/ 4/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s blog and video, we’re gonna go over to Vechain news. Not a lot of news but kind of like an update on what’s been going on transactions on Vechain stats community etc.

To start off the Reddit forums. Yesterday was actually 61,900 but if you look at now. We actually have over 62,000 community members on the Reddit forum for VJ.

You can follow me on Twitter. I don’t post everything Vechain but you’ll see some personal stuff. I like to mix in a lot of kinds of personal travel Vechain cryptocurrency. A lot of people ask me. I know how my lifestyle is etc. I just wanted to mix in a kind of like a combination of cryptocurrency Real Estate and kind of my personal stuff travel etc.

I know that they had the voting rights for Vechain and personally did I vote no I didn’t, I was just way too busy. Trying to make these videos trying to get some work done and for me to pull out my cold wall in the sink and then login. Remember my password etc. I was too busy for that. I know that they had a hard time a lot of people on Reddit were saying. If you haven’t voted but maybe next year. I’ll be more prepared. I wasn’t ready like I know it sounds petty bad. I don’t think I read some comments to people were like the same thing it’s what kind of gives them the ascent incentive to vote and a lot of them were way too busy didn’t want to remember the past or didn’t want to pull out there cold wallet etc.

I think a lot of people were in the same boat as I was maybe just a lot of people were just too lazy they just weren’t incentivized just the vote so that’s what was going on with the voting and everything other than that so here’s something interesting on trading view if you look at the trading view and you actually go to a VET USD crypto chart and if you look at BitFenix.

I always wonder why is a bit for next .005 when you know all the other markets like buying it spit recs hit BTC they’re all like .0045, I thought that’s a good question. Yesterday we had a great day. We had burn rates. I commented on Twitter that we were up around 5.4 million. For Vthor burn and that’s great and then I think a couple of people on Reddit we’re saying there’s a lot of unknown addresses that are coming online. I think slowly we’re gonna keep up all these projects work that was. I think they’re coming alive, more of those people like Shanghai gas BYD maybe they’re stirring and do their implementations and rollout.

I think the burns gonna becoming. It’s a little bit of patience and we’re gonna get there and we’re seeing fireworks and people are updating on Reddit. People are just tweeting fireworks are coming here or fireworks there so this is all great news and I’m pretty sure it’s just gonna be white noise for us in 2020, 2021 people are gonna like oh it’s old news.

Just saying you know what you’re lucky but people always say yeah it’s not lucy. It’s all about timing the market. I talked about this before. Timing has to do with a lot of things whether it’s real estate cryptocurrency the market etc. Just timing has so much to do financially. Whether you’re starting business getting to real estate and buying the dip and I think .0045 still great prices for Vechain.

Like I mentioned, I got it in a .007 and then I kept dollar-cost averaging. I bought a lot of whether and B USD thinking that it’ll go down to .0025 so, for that whole week straight my eyes were on top of binance charts like there was no tomorrow. I think I must have spent 23 and a half hours per day just waiting for it to get to a .0025 and it never did. You always have this fear factor. Fear of missing out the full mall and sometimes it’s kind of bite the bullet and .0045 is good because next week we might give a .007.

I’ve been hearing a lot of comments on my channel. People think we’re gonna get to like 10 cents by year and I don’t think we’re gonna get to 10 cents by year. That’s a bit drastic exchange. As I said, I’d be happy with one penny to three penny is someone who says it’s possible at 36 cents but I could be wrong, you never know because you never know when this bull run is gonna come in. That’s why we’re all in this because if we weren’t in this we’d be in the traditional Nasdaq etc but we’re all here for the bull run. Hoping that all of our altcoins are gonna moon.

Let’s get into this last piece of news. Alex Lynch sent me a message this morning and we’re just kind of discussing things that he mentioned that there’s something going on Egypt but we can’t translate it. This is what it was. It was on YouTube and it says Vechain ripple and blockchain suggestions for Egypt. This is from Amid Khalil and this was from the Menna blockchain conference. I did a little more investigation and research of the men. A blockchain conference and he was crypto prince actually a guest speaker and in the comments, people are asking if there’s a recap in English, etc and he replies “this is a presentation in English including the videos. The sum is that VET and XRP are the currencies dominating the future. Bitcoin will still be there especially for the dark web but it will not have a leading role”. This is really bullish because like I said in order for the price to go up in a particular technology we need mass adoption global adoption whether it’s edit educating enterprises, education the SMB market, etc.

It’s all about mass adoption, global adoption, educating marketing sales, etc and this is great because we’re not just talking about North America and China being really kind of well versed in blockchain technology solutions but this actually goes beyond. This is in Egypt. If you’re not familiar with blockchain virtual conference. This is on Facebook and you have some guest speakers. Men a blockchain virtual conference and I translated this for you. The agenda was they talk about the blockchain foundation session.

The impact for the business of COVID 19 and then the use cases they’re talking global adoption etc how to get prepared for it. Now, I translated this for you guys “The conference than many conferences have, the conference will discuss FinTech’s financial technology in Egypt and the challenges as well as their applications, most notably the blockchain technology that has revolutionized the world of internet and business recently. The conference discusses Blockchain technology concepts as well as their legal and security updates. The conference will also discuss the different applications of technology in several fields, as well as how to start in this field.”

When I read that this is what makes me so bullish and it makes me so excited because we got so early into this especially with a cryptocurrency or company like Vechain because we’re already early in this game plan like I mentioned it’s like we’re in the early game of the internet. If you invested in some of these IPOs on the Internet you would have made money like even if you just wrote an internet on your forehead. You would have been like a public company out there and you’d be a billionaire but well not really.

We’re so early in-game and we all know where that this market is heading. We all know that the supply chain industry is a trillion-dollar market and it’s gonna be even bigger with blockchain solutions especially an enterprise and that’s why I’m very bullish on Vechain and people who call this. A garbage coin it’s like how do you call it a garbage coin when you actually even if you were to take cryptocurrency out of it.

Vechain could still survive as a company out there whether it’s on a public exchange or on the Nasdaq or the Toronto Stock Exchange etc. It just that much potential.