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Ron G Feb/ 19/ 2020 | 0

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Let’s check it out what the Vechain is up to. I’m a strong believer in Vechain. Part of the reason why I recently got into cryptocurrencies and all coins. I wasn’t too sure what VECHAIN does until I actually started investigating more.

I’m in the supply chain industry. I work with a lot of stuff consultants supply chain industry, warehouse management system. I’m in the logistics space that’s what I do a living. I’m a wireless engineer that works with a lot of different groups who develop SAP products which are mostly geared on the module for supply chain or WMS.

SAP is a piece of software that does a lot of integration for warehouse management systems in terms of logistics replenishment picking packing barcode scanning QR scanning. I deal with scanning products. You can see it in my YouTube video on what the product looks like. I’m in warehouses 70% of the time working with high-level exact CEO’s helping them with their supply chain logistics solutions. I also do import even exporting kind of verifying. Trying to scan a certain barcode or 2D, 3D type of product like a QR and getting information and putting it away or getting that information and putting on to another person system so they can read the information accurately.

I want to give you more of the educational information of why I think Vechain is going to eventually hit a good amount. This is in financial advice just a disclaimer. Vechain is kind of gonna go in the upwards direction as Bitcoin.

As I was saying, I’m in the supply chain industry and people look at what they’ve been doing in terms of the partnership.

What attracted me to Vechain is not Walmart. You know those are great PWC was one of them and the second one was actually DB Schenker. I used to work for a company for like 18 plus years and DB Schenker was my primary account.

DB Schenker is a supply chain 3PL so third party logistics company. They have multiple warehouses all over the world. I’m in Toronto and I took care of DB Schenker Toronto locations. If you’re familiar with Toronto’s has 10 plus million people and a lot of the supply chain logistics is out in Mississauga, Hamilton, not much on the east side but they’re lots on the west side. If you think of a supply chain logistics or 3PL company they basically have a warehouse full of products that they store and they ship on their behalf.
For Example, DB Schenker has 3-5 yeas contracts and relationships with these big companies like BMW. One time I was in a warehouse doing a project and we were scanning products and they sent me out to a warehouse and I was like “Okay”. You’re going to BMW. I might be I’m telling element. We don’t have to be big they’re like oh you’re going to Schenker. So when I was in the Schenker facility they actually had the BMW rode bikes or their sportbikes. That was just one location. When you look at DB Schenker in the map they have multiple accounts and products or warehouses that we personally named like for example. I worked on a project called Colgate. So, we name DB Colgate. So, the Colgate was actually all Schenker’s Colgate products. These aren’t small warehouses. These are like 500,000 square feet warehouses that contain all of Colgate’s products.

When I saw the news that VECHAIN had a partnership with DB Schenker. I said “WOW”, this is enormous because if VECHAIN has a partnership with DB Schenker, they have probably partnerships with all of these other products that will help the VECHAIN grow to what I think it’ll grow into which is Colgate. Just Google DB Schenker Colgate, DB Schenker Palmolive, DB Schenker BMW and other else is they actually had Harley Davidson. So, DB Schenker Harley Davidson.

Creating all of these supply chain solutions. The other one was DB Schenker Palmolive, they also had Chrysler, DB Schenker Chrysler that was a warehouse in Mississauga. I personally worked on it for about 10 years. I was in there, in and out. Just working on wireless problems.

Another one was Globe Shoes, DB Schenker Globe. That’s what kind of attracted me to VECHAIN. Another thing that’s attracted me to VECHAIN is kind of the sharing network. So, with the sharing, they create a partnership with their mobile apps. So basically, you’re gonna be able to use your phone. Get the QR code, scan your driver’s license and you’re gonna be able to use it to all your travels. Book a car, book a hotel, I think they’re in 190 countries and sharing partnered with over 2.5 million hotels. Once we’re able to use those tokens. Hopefully, you would be good. I just got back from Thailand. I love Thailand. I think Thailand is one of the best countries that I’ve been to. I’ve been to the Maldives, went to Japan. Been all these countries. Airport’s kind of chaotic and Thailand probably have 70 million people but they form a partnership to get there in the visa. Kind of expedited, so people that are coming into Thailand, they give him a unique opportunity to kind of use the VECHAIN app. To kind do an electronic visa. All through their phone. I think that’s gonna be huge for VECHAIN and then also the sharing partnership and all the other stuff. I’ll probably do another video on it but that’s one thing that kind of attracted me to VECHAIN. Being VECHAIN with that partnership with DB Schenker because of it just kind of shows how strong they’re in terms of the supply chain solution.

As I said, I’m a supply chain consultant and I work with SAP and when I saw that DB Schenker has so many huge relationships with all of these products. If you want to do more research for DB Schenker. Just Google DB Schenker. I’m just gonna say DB Schenker actually is a craft. I’m not so sure if they have craft right now but let me just go to craft products. So if you’re in North America and you’re familiar with craft products. We actually set up a warehouse for DB Schenker called craft and I think it was about 300,000 square feet.

If I go to Google and search DB Schenker Colgate. I wanna show you how this big this warehouse is. I’m in Markham so I Drive out to this location quite often and if you look at the outside of it, look how large this facility is. This is Colgate for Manchester drive-in Mississauga and this is what the inside looks like. It’s a huge facility and I think it’s about I haven’t been why I don’t know exact square feet because they have so many locations. I forgot exactly how the largest location is but we implemented about 18 wireless access points in there. So when you have 18 wireless access points to manage like these types of scanners for QR code scanning barcode scanning 2D. It’s a big warehouse and it has tons of products and that’s Colgate. You can go to it, DB Schenker Colgate.

Schenker’s is a great account that they have. Once other companies kind of jump on board and see what VECHAIN is doing in terms of supply chain solutions and being able to use a decentralized or centralized ecosystem. I think, more companies are gonna jump on and it’s just a matter of time and that’s my opinion. I think VECHAIN is an undervalued stock.

If you want to see more information on VECHAIN and I’ve been following because I’ve been invested. A large part of my portfolio is probably with like regular BTC Bitcoin XRP and VECHAIN.

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