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Ron G Jun/ 11/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s blog, we’re gonna be talking about the Vechain Price. The Vet Token you are seeing a big pump not so much a big pump but we’ve gone from .0037 last week to a high of .0045 which is great. I’m gonna show you why and you’ve probably seen from my other videos. Why we had a little pump because of H&M some of the news that was out there. I’m gonna show you some social stats and some other things as we get close to the Bitcoin halvening.

I got up this morning and I looked at the coinbase. First thing, I always do is like getting up in the morning, open my phone, check Binance, check coinbase and the funny thing is when I look at coinbase, I don’t even look at the prices but I always want to see like Vechain or Vet in the top five. I actually go over to coinbase and I click the little tab where it says “Top gainers” then I look at top losers.

Like I mentioned why I think it’s gonna slowly go up. I think we’ve already missed a gravy train in terms of buying the dip and like I mentioned before I really wanted to get down to .0029. Now, I’m more thinking about how do I get back into .003 or buy lower which I don’t think because if you look at the trading charts. Our support is probably around .004 resistance. I would say we’re hovering at .0044142 going forward and we’re gonna be seeing .005. That’s a good sign because there are only like 2 weeks or less than 2 weeks before the Bitcoin halvening and it’s coming lower the bitcoin halvening is like I mentioned probably less than 2 weeks.

If you go to You’ll able see this. Basically it’s 15 days. This is a good sign because as we get close to the Bitcoin halving we’re not in a downline or in a downtrend from these levels. Hopefully, we’re not going back down to .035 close to the halving.

When I mentioned this, as we get closer like 2 weeks away from Bitcoin halving. Look at the social scores, look at the amount of engagement that’s going on here. The social volume last 24 hours is 850 posts that’s an increase of 58%. The social engagement which is huge is 24 hours is 250%. For those of you who’ve been in the crypto altcoin game way back in 2017. If you are in with the bull run back in 2017 are then this is just flaw for you.

I think there’s more investors coming into this space because they hearing about Bitcoin halving and if you look at my other video where we show Google trends. People are just googling that and the trend line for Bitcoin halving is increasing. People are getting into diversifying their investments other than Bitcoin start to look at other altcoins and one of the popular ones like we’re all in. The social engagement on Twitter it’s an increase. I think it hovering around 247% social engagement 24 hours.

The news volume eleven articles 10% increase and then that also brings the spammers and the scammers. Gonna watch out for those emails that are coming into your inbox. I think Binance there was an announcement but there was spam going on with mail or outlook or something. So, take care your coins where they store it on the veto or wallet. Take it off t eh exchanges not to say binance isn’t safe. I keep some of my stuff on binance and coinbase but get into the habit of move it over to coinbase and do it pretty soon.

The spam volume it shows 42% so, you’re getting emails even on my website. I get ton of emails. If you look at the new share links. 24 hour period. 254 URLs, 84% increase. Now, I didn’t include this in my last video but let’s get into this tweet that was sent by David Inderias.

Last week on April 24th he put out this tweet and says “What do all these companies have in common? You’ll soon find out” then he talks about supply chain industry and DNV GL which is an investor in Vechain, NAB Westpac and Sarah Naba and if you know who Sarah Naba is, She is part of the VP of business development for Vechain in China, Southeast Asia, and Australia. If you look at this tweet ou know he kind of puts a little teaser out there. You’ll soon find out. He lists all these companies; ALIPAY, Mastercard, etc.

Then below he shows him having a zoom call or a teleconference call with Sara just saying “Cheers! Working from home doesn’t mean work has to come to a complete standstill and giving a toast to our upcoming collabs”

Above Sarah mentions people are trying to find out more information about what’s going on, what’s the news that’s gonna be coming out. So she says “Nice try lads but no clues in this pic! The world is so different today. You know it’s a good week when you have a business partner smiling on the screen with news worth celebrating”

There are lots of hints but no one’s kind of leaking information. We’ll soon see what happens. I don’t know of that related to H&M but I think it’s more news to come out which is great news and that’s why I see a lot of social interaction buying the dip. Keep some tethering account. Whether it’s Binance USD or DT.

Vechain News Pumping More News to come Social Interaction increasing – April 26th, 2020.

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