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Ron G Jun/ 17/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s blog, I got 2 pieces of news Vechain for Vechain Fam. The 2nd part of this news is a lot better. The first part of the news is still a big win for Vechain especially having Vechain’s name. Kind of mentioned besides these trillion billion dollar companies such as IBM SAP and Microsoft.

This is data produced basically a private research firm that does data analysis. They just talk about Vechain, IBM SAP leading in blockchain solutions for the supply chain. This is great news because if you could be named alongside Microsoft IBM and SAP that is huge news especially for those of you who are familiar with supply chain technologies and ERP systems. I’m in supply chain solutions and SAP is probably the biggest name in supply chain software. Software is a service they have like in SAP, they have an ERP module, they have a WMS module, have an healthcare, HR module.

SAP is such a large company and being and being named as leaders in blockchain solutions alongside SAP Microsoft and IBM that is huge news. I’m not going to get into the article too much because very brief. It talks about market research, the UK based private research firm, data bridge publishes it says blockchain technology massive growth potential which is gonna be 1.375 billion dollars by 2026. I read another article that it’s gonna be a lot higher than that.

On the second piece of news which makes me more bullish. This kind of like connecting the dots. It doesn’t save Vechain name necessarily but if you connect the dots and you look at who Vechain has been working with, has been a partner with, who’s on the committee members on the board etc. that makes you more bullish.

I will show you another article here. WeChat, if you are not familiar with WeChat. This is like WhatsApp. In North America we all use WhatsApp. We use it mainly for one thing communication that’s it. Sending files, sending images etc, joining groups but in China and in Asia everyone uses WeChat.

WeChat is so far ahead of the game and there have been some tabs on forums like when is WhatsApp gonna be at the level of WeChat because one of partner many years ago for like 4-5 years ago he said Oh before you go to China Ron, make sure you get WeChat I’m like Why? It said, well, you could pay for all your cabs, you can pay for dinner, you do a transfer, you can buy movies, you can pay for your travel, etc. I am like really it? He said, yeah! I said okay. So I started investigating and finally download on WeChat and if you look at it they’ve integrated everything. When you look at this article (image shows below) WeChat which is 10 cent and let me get into this article. This article says Chinese internet giant $0.10 launches blockchain accelerator. If you look at the other videos that I made, underneath the blockchain committee includes 10 cent.

Will read this article (image shows below) “Chinese Internet Giant Tencent launches blockchain accelerator program” and to some of this article off basically what it says is they’re offering an accelerator program for businesses that one kind of join the blockchain ecosystem. Whether that’s Vechain ecosystem or another ecosystem but underneath the board of directors and some other blockchain committees there’s a lot of mention that Vechain and Tencent belong to the same committee members. They’re along that board of directors lists of committee members.

Another article says “China announces members of its national blockchain committee, includes Baidu and Tencent executives” In this article, it lists all the 71 members of the National blockchain committee and it mentions Tencent. In my other video, there’s Fudan University. This university that’s working with Vechain on a project. Also, Tencent is here listed underneath the part of the 71 blockchain directors or committee members.

Now, if we look at one of the tweets and this what made me so bullish because I remember seeing Tencent. There was involvement with Tencent and Vechain being part of that same blockchain committee. This is from crypto fundamentals on Twitter. September 2017 this came around October 2019 it says “Vechain becomes part of the board of Directors to the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology list of Trusted Blockchains” and it also says Being listed at the top of the list of “The Board of Directors” gives Vechain an even bigger boost of credibility within China. The program focuses on Building blockchain in a compliant manner, while supporting China’s influence in the global blockchain industry. This program includes massive companies such as China Mobile, Baidu, China Unicom, Huawei, Tencent, SAP, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

If you guys have been following up with the twitter news. I think there’s a tweet by David that big news is coming and there’s ALI Pay in there and a bunch of big trillion-dollar company names and if you look at the article about WeChat pay using blockchain to track payments. So, I’m not too sure if Tencent has a white label Vechains program but since they both all belong to the same committee board of members and they’ve got these great relationships with each other Vechain and Tencent. If you connect the dots on this one again they’re all in China. Vechain is already working on these two projects and seeing how the university and those 2 Board of Directors that belong on that board of directors or the list of 71 with Tencent.

Tencent using WeChat using blockchain and Vechain being listed on the Board and members with Tencent and Vechain. You put these together. Either way, if they’re not using Vechain or not. I think it’s still great news for Vechain because Tencent helps with global adoption especially in China with bringing on companies with at least one round of financial funding towards blockchain solutions. To qualify to become part of their accelerator program and get mentorship from Tencent to join the accelerator program you get mentorship you’d learn to learn about blockchain technology. You have to need to be approved and also had at least one round of financing or funding. This is great news and if Tencent doesn’t have a blockchain solution then probably it will be Vechain or a list of recommended blockchain providers solutions or enterprises that offer blockchain solutions like Vechain.

Vechain News Listed with the Big Names IBM SAP Microsoft

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