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Ron G Jun/ 9/ 2020 | 0

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I am very excited when I read the news, I went on to the Reddit Forums went on some Twitter Forums etc. The reason why I’m so excited, we got back from the customer site and I did my first video. What I described was basically Sunny’s AMA and we’re all speculating with some of the other guys that we were talking about in Reddit and we’re trying to figure out like who is a customer and who is this fashion brand that Sunny was talking about in the AMA. Either Reebonz or H&M.

With the last couple of weeks everyone’s kind of skeptical like well nothing is gonna happen. People putting doubt into it and for all those doubters like I mentioned this one’s for you for all Vechain fans who looks thick and thin.

I check out this Vechain 101 article and in my mind when I’m making that video, I’m thinking it’s at H&M because if it’s H&M that’s gonna be a huge footprint as transactions increase. People in the Reddit forums are saying well, VTHO, I don’t know if those companies fell off. We don’t know if Walmart started and maybe that was a pilot in it and it went away. People are just putting a whole bunch of fear into everyone’s head.

When you look at this article. This is awesome news. I will summarize this for you. Vechain partnership with H&M expands to high-end brands. Basically this describes what I mentioned about in Sunny’s AMA, he talked about a fashion brand. We thought it was Reebonz or H&M. Like I mentioned in my other video, Reebonz is pretty good because they have designer bags clothing, etc but on the scale of H&M.

Everyone in North America and Asia all around the world knows H&M and for Vechain securing this and showing that they’re slowly getting back into projects and more leaders or competitors of H&M. Whether it’s Gap, Banana Republic. They see what H&M is doing and what they’re gonna follow suit. They’re not gonna be one of left behind it’s exactly what China is doing. They’re trying to be the leaders in Blockchain Technology and with artificial intelligence so other countries are gonna be adapting that in their supply chain they’re gonna say “well, you know they don’t want to be left behind because they’re eventually gonna have to get onto the blockchain” whether it’s Vechain like I mentioned because Vechain has been in this in the game they’ve got skin in the game. They have huge partnerships, just added bonus.

In the article, they’re looking who is a fashion brat that they’re working with, and then this kind of led into speculation for the fashion brand and the article says, Vechain had worked with H&M subsidiary Arket to verify the organic manufacturing process of their beanies and other apparel items. Arket was one of the original Vechain partnerships showcasing their sustainable origins in stores across Europe.

Chinese media platform uncle cat began to look into the matter so they’re doing some investigations for everyone. They discovered the fashion brand COS. COS is a high-end label under the H&M brand with over 270 stores globally including Shanghai. After investigation research, they found my story label on the COS pullover with the my story tag.

Look at this image. This is the DNV GL my story branding.
My story is an innovative project designed by DNV GL to share each step of this garment’s story with you. Every aspect of this story has been authenticated, combining experience in monitoring and testing with blockchain technology. They’ve DNV GL logo in partnership with COS powered by Vechain.

In the future we’re gonna be seeing this more and more. Before I left home. Vechain was hovering around .0039. When I get back, I think it’s probably setting .0042. I think we’re just gonna keep going up and up as we get closer to the Bitcoin Halvening. I expect nothing but good.

Not financial advice but that’s the way I feel. A huge news. This is awesome. Shout out to Ben Yorke and Vechain 101. This is what we are doing. We’re spreading the positive news. Just telling people out there, what’s going out and in the crypto world especially with supply chain industry people who are looking to get into crypto kind of educating. It gets into more mass adoption.

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