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Ron G Jun/ 24/ 2020 | 0

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As I was looking at the markets and I was having conversation on Twitter with 101 Vechain and we’re going strategy, a thought process where we think the markets are gonna go good buys, bad buys, selling XRP for some more Ethereum because Ethereum staking or maybe bagging more XRP, bagging more Vechain.

A lot of us has already bagged as much as we can in Vechain. Now, we’re kid of like waiting stages because we don’t want it back too much. I always like to talk about diversification. Great news for Vechain I know a lot of people were kind of wondering when is it gonna boom one’s. You look at the markets all of them still down. We’re coming towards the Bitcoin halving and the trendline in the pattern for Bitcoin halving it was always around like maybe I think 6-8 months after the halving. I think we should reassess there.

Here’s the news and I had a tweets that came to me. Here’s a news (image shows below) Vechain, MasterCard and Alipay Join Australia-China Supply Chain Consortium. Someone was asked me What is the definition of consortium? The consortium will provide comprehensive solutions …….with a focus on the 76 billion of exports from Australia to China. This does not mean they have the total agreement for $76 billion but tackling the overall market that is estimated at this price. But still this is great news if they can get a part of this 76 billion dollar export. Basically, in this article it’s basically saying these 3 companies; Vechain, MasterCard and Alipay which is huge. They’re taking over this big project for the country of Australia.

All of the exports going to China. It mentions when it talks about food wine produce using the blockchain technology. Now, people are thinking well. Blockchain Technology does Alipay. Vechain is known for their expertise. Each one of them are kind of specializing in their own niche. Vechain being blocks the blockchain technology. They’re gonna be using Vet gas etc. MasterCard for payment solutions. Alipay for the payment.

For all those three companies to get together to tackle Australians like 76 billion dollar export to China is great news because this is where it becomes more adoption. Think of all the other countries that are starting to hear about blockchain technologies especially in supply chain. This all deals with supply chain. It also deals with authenticity. You could also add in temperature sensors because just think of all of the food like I mean when it comes to temperature sensors. When we do temperature sensor solutions we do warehouse management solutions with cold storage. When I know that there’s a cold storage solution. I know that we’re getting 30% more revenue based on a typical solution because when it comes to cold temperature rooms, freezer rooms anything below zero, we have to include different devices and then we have to take precautionary measures or do more due diligence in terms of how we place products, how we praise, place tags what kind of scanners are we gonna use so that the scan engine doesn’t create too much condensation so, the pickers can scan products our QR code etc. This is great because it’s just not supply chain but there’s traceability, there’s media content that can be integrated into everything.

The reason why I like this so much is because it’s not just one part of city. This is Australia. 76 of exports to China and just think of all the other countries that are going to be like thinking and seeing well. What did Australia do with blockchain technology and who are they working with. Great thing it’s Vechain and this was the great news that David Darius on Twitter what he mentioned with his news. News is big, it is gonna be tend not to get my hopes up too high but when I saw this I was like wow. This is great news, still with the whole pandemic thing going on. We’re not gonna see tons of big movement because there’s still consumer confidence traditional and retail investors are still not putting a lot of their money into markets whether it’s cryptocurrencies or stock investments. People are kind of holding and waiting out for the rainy days waiting for that vaccine so everything can get back to work like normal work. But, once people get back to normal work there’s still that issue of consumer confidence of spending that’s when more people are gonna be putting their money into the stock market or their cryptocurrency market then you start to see things right. That’s why I’m not getting my hopes up too high with the next bull run. Not the next bull run but when the next bull run will come. We could be delay, 3,4, 5 or 6 months a year. Maybe a half so that’s why I keep saying have a little patience guys. Especially when it comes to Vechain and other altcoins. Just have patience.

This news is something to take. They sign this great partnership. People are expecting it to moon. Until you see a lot of transactions, more stuff on the test net. More stuff on the main net VTH burn and as you see transaction rise then that’s great because more believers are going to be coming in for 4G Vechain and so on.

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