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Ron G Aug/ 4/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s video and blog, we’re gonna be talking about three important things but before we start off could China be getting into the cryptocurrency exchanges but first before we get into the videos. Let’s take a quick flight over to Cyprus. The reason why I have that little flight over Cyprus because the latest news Vechain and I date partner to create blockchain and I date partner to create blockchain enable medical data management platform for healthcare providers in Cyprus.

This is great news because we haven’t been hearing a lot of information with Vechain and working in the healthcare sector and we all know that when you’re working with health in the healthcare sectors. They’re typically slower in terms of adopting new technology but this is actually a great use case just going forward in terms of the kind of setting their seeds setting their footprint within all of these different sectors that Vechain is not in right. Being in healthcare, being in the supply chain it just opens up more doors and more use cases just for Vechain so this is a great article.

To get into a little bit of detail what it mentioned is Vechain together with identity co-developed the blockchain-enabled medical data management platform named the e new health life Mediterranean Hospital Cyprus a hospital under the general health care system other public of Cyprus is the first hospital to adopt this application. The hospital has roughly 300 employees 38,000 outpatients visits in 2019 so, this is a great case for Vechain because when they go to market they’ve got all these great business use cases now that they comply with health care.

When they’re doing their trade shows in blockchain and I’m sure there’s a lot of individuals that might be in health care not only what we’ve been doing lately like supply chain solutions food traceability vaccine. This is another type of use case which is big.

Like I mentioned my last video for all of us that’s been winning for Vechain to kind of get back into. We’ve been monitoring Vechain universe and the stalker platform and we see companies like Walmart slowly getting on getting back to normal and as I mentioned in Toronto where I’m at stuff is starting to open up. We started to open up a lot of garden centers. The Home Depot is the Lowe’s up in Toronto restaurants that soon to be open. This is great because it’s gonna bring more consumer confidence the economy is hopefully slowly turn around so that’s great news but those fireworks it’s just kind of like white noise.

It’s gonna be the norm of what we see in and soon we’re just gonna look back at that and say this is normal you know like it’s always firing so with the southern use if you’re not following Molly on Twitter go follow her. She actually comes out with some great news and when I say cryptocurrencies in China if you look at her last post and if anyone speaks Mandarin or Cantonese.

She mentions Molly says just in legalized crypto exchanges in China is not far industry and information technology department of Hainan posted an announcement says that it supports leading enterprises to building digital currency trading platform FYI boy is in. This is great not just for Vechain but I think in Cryptocurrency in general but also I kind of feel it’s a little bit more bullish for Vechain because of those strong ties and partnerships that Vechain has with government and officials with all the projects traceability Shanghai government mandating them to do a blockchain technology solution in the province.

If you haven’t hopped on Vechain yet take a look at some of my videos for you. That’s out there sheriff’s. Let’s help adopt what we’re doing and keep spreading the word.