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Ron G Jun/ 11/ 2020 | 0

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This is more for beginners for people who are getting into cryptocurrency. You’re probably buying Bitcoin because bitcoin is your household name but there are some other coins like Vechain. I talked a lot about Vechain and I support Vechain and I do hold Vechain.

As you get into buying more bitcoins or more altcoins you see the correlation between Bitcoin and the altcoins. I think in the near future what’s gonna happen with especially with Vechain it’s gonna decouple because even Cryptocurrency goes away. Vechain still is a legit business that has great utility.

For example; they use the cryptocurrency event to kind of help use VTHO as gas to onboard users into the blockchain to use it for gas tokens to run on the blockchain but anyways Vechain has a lot of partnerships like DNV GL, PWC, H&M recent news Shanghai gas.

There are so many sectors and like I mentioned even if Cryptocurrency were to go down whatever. Vechain will still survive because there’s still a business to business professional service company providing real value add to customers on the blockchain. When you look at other altcoins they’re just making cryptocurrencies or the business case is how to make faster payments to cryptocurrency adoption. That’s why there are so many strong believers, many people in community social, real business even if cryptocurrency were to fail. They’re still a business that’s gonna be striving out there working with bleeding-edge technology. New technology on the public blockchain. They’re working with the Belton Road Initiative. They’re working with Walmart etc.

As I mentioned, I think we’re gonna be seeing this in the future because people are getting more used to Vechain, the business case signing on more partnerships. They’re gonna decouple from Bitcoin.

Vechain & Bitcoin To Decouple Soon? Let’s hope we see this in the near future. A cryptocurrency with a huge utility and best business case out there. Pure business blockchain services! BAAS #blockchainasaservice #VETFAM #VET #ToTheMoon

I meant to post this yesterday but forgot to publish and schedule! Enjoy, like and comment.

As always Vet Fam, Vet Familia TO THE MOON BOYS & GIRLS!

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