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Ron G Jun/ 4/ 2020 | 0

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I wanted to get into this blog about how I’m feeling this morning. When I wake up, I see on Binance actually everything up. 7500 for BTC, for Ethereum we’re about 190. Vechain is kind of slowly getting up. It was at .0039 and finally broke support of .004.

I recently posted an article about the bitcoin halvening that was on the coin telegraph. That is a great article that Bloomberg show. Bloomberg is pretty much telling us what the Bitcoin halvening is coming up, more investors are coming up and we’re seeing your support levels that are hovering around 7,000.

To explain how I’m feeling when I woke up. I was just like “man this sucks” this is the same thing that Vechain 101 was thinking and we’re both in the same boat and probably a lot of you are in the same boat like “man, it sucks that it’s going up” because you want to bug more at a lower price. You want to keep buying the dip because we all know that Vechain is such a solid investment. You look at the partnerships and I keep saying this on the comments it’s like, guys, stop worrying about the VTH burn rate. We’re in a pandemic. Vechain does professional services to business. Professional service that has professional service consultants working out like PWC and DNV GL. There’s a lot of travel and implementation projects that need to happen like doing go-lives, doing the process of elimination, doing testing then going live. You’re testing all these tags making sure that they can put on the blockchain whether it’s an RFID tag an inlay, a QR code that scanned on a mug, etc.

All that needs testing phases communications and not every client is in China and there are certain provinces in China that are slowly easing up to open up but a lot of countries that are outside China like Europe, Italy, Milan. I think the technology CEO is in Milan. If his team needed to do work in China. The markets are doing great in terms of crypto.

I’m gonna make my next blog on kind of my investing strategy over the years. I don’t just do crypto investing. I like to diversify and I think diversification is very important as we talk more on the channel because you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. If you want to look at your investments and start getting into other means of income whether it’s business, whether it’s investing in yourself, whether it’s the SMP if you’re in Canada, etc.

I have multiple corporation restaurants that started with consulting. Got technology business. As I grew and made more money I let all of my managers run my businesses and as long as I was in the green and making money gave me an opportunity to diversify more into other businesses. I think that’s important with your investing strategy in stocks and cryptocurrencies. Just don’t look at cryptocurrency and just looking at one stock like Vechain. I like Ethereum, Bitcoin kind of diversifying your altcoins as well as for cryptocurrencies.

If you look at the chart history from XUS.TO. From 2014 you have a steady increase. Other than recent drops because a whole pandemic but this is just a great but in terms of investing even with that pandemic. You look at the max and it keeps climbing year over year. I like to put 100 dollars or 200 dollars a month just towards those in investing companies.

Then, I got cryptocurrency then I got some of the technology stocks that are safer. Like Microsofts, Apple, and Tesla. Tesla is a little bit too high now. I’ll get into there investing strategies like with business and how I set my path in my future when I was younger. Some of the mistakes I did too because not now that everything was a success. I think success comes with a lot of failures and if you don’t have the stomach for it for failure then you’re not a business person. You’re not a risk-taker. I think you don’t have as many opportunities if you don’t take risks.

I’m looking at bagging more. Like I mentioned here when I looked at Binance charts and I saw everything going up I’m like “man, it sucks” because it’s like I wanted to get into Vechain and Ethereum more but keeps going up. I keep trying to time that dip but it doesn’t happen.

Vechain & Bitcoin on the Rise How I’m feeling this morning

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