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Ron G Jun/ 3/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s video and blog, I want to ask you what is your exit strategy for Ethereum and Vechain. As you guys know I beg BTC, Ethereum mostly Vechain and XRP. I just want to ask you guys what is the exit strategy because this is my part one strategy or video. I’m going to talk about my exit strategy. Then how I kind of look at my investments and where I invest and why I hold more altcoins than Bitcoin.

Why do I hold Vechain why I hold XRP, Ethereum, and why less Bitcoin. I had that question and discussion with a lot of my friends. Let’s look at coinbase and when you look at the percentage gains and the Bitcoin havening. Most of you know what the Bitcoin has any happens every 4 years. If you look at the trends and percentage gains over the years.

The very first Bitcoin halvening, it was great percentages. The second Bitcoin halvening was a lot more and the third and forth. We don’t know exactly the percentage gains but if you compare it to altcoins and other ICOs. You can see that companies like Ethereum compared to Bitcoins, percentage gains during the halvening or after the halvening was such a big difference.

I think, in Ethereum it was almost a 2 hundred thousand percent gain. When people ask about Vechain it’s like “well, what do you think Vechain gonna end up at the year 2020 or 2020?” I look at a couple of different ways. Like I mentioned before, if Bitcoin has a huge moon bullish run then we might get to $1, we might get to $9 it’s just a matter of time and how long you’re willing to hold.

I want to make this video so you could kind do the same thing and put more things in perspective and figure out if Bitcoin did this or Ethereum did this.
Let’s go to Bitcoin and we are searching and look at the image shows below

This is in 2016. We’re sitting about $600 U.S. As the bull run came 2017 after May. I think it was around December. If you look at the percentage gains on that image, it went to roughly 18,000 percent. The next bull run for BTC does that guarantee that we’re gonna get an 18,000 percent gain on every altcoin. I’m gonna compare this to Ethereum and to other altcoins.

Let’s take those numbers. Let’s say 18,000 percent multiply it to Vechain and Vechain is sitting at .004. So, you got 0.72 which I think is fantastic. If you hold were five million coins or 10 million coins and multiply that to 72 cents and you’ve made that much money over your time. That’s perspective. If you had 10 million coins but a lot of subscribers and people that I’ve spoken to and comments. A lot of you guys are holding roughly about a million coins. The thunder node I think it’s called. It’s 1 million coins multiply it to 0.72 you made 720 thousand U.S which is a huge return because a million coins didn’t cost three thousand U.S.

Now, let’s compare this Bitcoin halvening price to Ethereum. That was 18,000 percent. It’s 2016 and it’s hovering around eleven cents. This is what amazes me about Ethereum because it was as low as 60 cents or less than a dollar. In May 2016 we hovering around 160 it up to 31,000 percent. It amazes me because if you look at the chart history and some other altcoins. I think there’s a Manero was another one will go to that coin but look at this so it went a hundred and nine in a hundred thousand percent gain and then right there that’s peak. I think we reached roughly 198,000 percent.

So let’s say we rounded up this to 200,000 percent multiply it to 0.004. Then we get $8 a share. You had a million coins at 3,000. You waited patiently and not your investments 8 million. That’s why I am excited with this bull run and when it’s gonna happen. My personal opinion is that with the pandemic Covid 19 things have just been put on hold

Imagine if there wasn’t a pandemic and consumer confidence was still high. People were spending. People weren’t on investing. Everyone’s at home, saving or even losing their jobs, they are trying to look for employment, they’re worried, they’re trying to save as much as they can in case they lose their job. Imagine we didn’t have this, that’s why I’m saying, I think the bull run might hop in. Might be push back one year or 2 years. Like I mentioned to my other videos. Once the vaccine does come, I feel that a lot of people it’s gonna boost everyone’s consumer comment is really big. More spending is gonna happen and hopefully we all enjoy this and see this bull run. It’s fund to be in this Journey. As long as you can afford to lose what you put in.

Like I mentioned to my other videos it is not financial advice. It’s kind like me playing poker. Like I play a lot of high-stakes poker. I’ll get into some of those videos because these videos actually kind of interest you. I am a heavy risk-taker and my wife knows that. Before, I mentioned we got into a lot of real estate that’s where I made a lot of my welcome my money in my earlier days is because if it wasn’t for my wife. I probably be broke because she kind of laid down rules and said wow you’re just like a spender, risk-taker etc. When we got married, we kind of put a lot towards like real estate rental properties, development properties etc. Now, we’re rewarding from it and now I don’t have to stress as much kind of like not semi-retired but in my business we only take on clients that we want to work with and I don’t have to hustle as hard probably might 2-3 yeas ago. I’ve had probably like 4 corporations and that was too much because I was really big on diversifying whether it’s diversify assets or diversifying income but with business it’s different. It’s like when you’re trying to manage 4 corporations and there’s too much on my plate and I felt us focusing more or less like 20% here on that company twenty here and twenty there so in 2019 and decided like I’m just gonna focus on a couple of things.

Let’s get back to Ethereum. Imagine that expectations 200,000 percent. I wanted to talk about the exit strategy do my exit strategy with this is so let’s say I put in 10,000 and 2 into Vechain. I’m gonna wait until that Bull Run happens and as I see prices increase. Let’s say it goes 40,000 percent increase. I’m probably gonna pull out my initial investment just to make sure I break-even on that return on investment which might be let’s say it was only like a million coins. Maybe I’ll take a 100,000 coins cash out of that and kind of wait for that bull run. Also create a lot of them in terms of like you could create alerts on coinbase or on binance and it’s very hard to time that peak. If you’re in the last Bull Run. I know a lot of people who were too greedy and they waited and they missed this opportunity when Ethereum was at 1400 so it went down and if you look at the chart. I think my buddy David was like 4:45. I have the feelings gonna go back up to 1400 or past 1400 but I think he mentioned he might have sold like around here.

I can compare this to my poker. Let’s say I’d buy in like 5,000-10,000 dollars and sitting in a hiked high-stakes cash game or a 100,000 when am I gonna leave him? I’m gonna leave when I’ve doubled up or made 300,000 or kind of you got to sit down and think about your strategy and your extra strategy. I’ve heard a lot of people say “well, I don’t really pay attention. I just put my money in and gonna set and forget. But, I like to say “guys it is not your traditional Dow or SMP or stock that you’ve invested and you’re expecting dividends and it’s gonna grow long term. My answer is NO. You got to keep an eye on the markets and figure out the strategy. Unless you have a lot of time in your early 20s and you could go through these bull run that happens every 4 or 5 years. Though we don’t know what’s gonna happen because there are only 21 million coins out with Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin halvening like we mentioned I think there’s X amount of more halvening that is gonna happen. Time will tell. That’s my extra strategy. I’m gonna take out probably 10%. I want to get my initial return investment back and then I’ve got a number and hoping that Vechain is gonna hit $1 to $2 in the near future. I also gonna keep in a little bit more out in my portfolio in my cold wallet to kind of still enjoy the journey and see where it moons because if you’ve left like million coins in your cold wallet for example Vechain goes to a $75 that’s 75 million. You never know.

Let’s go to another coin here which is Monero. Here’s another example. So Monero was like came out hovering around $2. In 2014 a dollar went down to 40 cents. Then after halvening, it went up to 16,244. So let’s say it is 17,000 and you multiply it Vechain current price 0.004 so it 0.68. Just putting those numbers into your head.

I want to tell you about Digibyte. For those who invest in digibyte let me know more about this coin because I always get notifications. When you look at coinbase you look at the top gainers, you always see digibyte in the last like 2-3 weeks just gaining solid percentage gains. I think they’re gone from .003 to .008. You can see it here on the image. It’s a thousand percent increase. Like I mentioned is .0001 back in 2014.

All-time peak point 33. Every time I get a notification on coinbase it’s just Digibyte and then I start to do more research on digibyte itself and they kind of have a cool offering rate so it could process transactions for Bitcoin very fast I think in 30 seconds. If you go to their website there are 4-5 main offerings of what they promise and everything. It sounds pretty interesting.

I don’t want to get like the shiny object syndrome and start putting my money into here because you got to keep up with a lot of news and at the end, in a year you ended up with 20 investment of different SEOs. You got Vechain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

I hold Bitcoin, XRP, and Vechain. Vechain is being the most and the reason why I don’t hold as much bitcoin is that if you look at the trends on the chart, every halvening is less of a percentage of gains. If you look at the altcoins they’ve got higher gains.

That’s my strategy.

Let me know your thoughts on the video and your exit strategy for VET and ETH.

To the moon VET & ETH FAM! Vechain and Ethereum What is Your Exit Strategy

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