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Ron G Jun/ 16/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s blog, we’re gonna go over my last video and what that meant. Kind of reading in between the lines and how this will affect Vechain when China accepted 224 new projects that dealt with blockchain technology.

I see the comment of Yeah Me says; Imagine if Vechain is the “Etherof Chinese blockchains? All the new Chinese blockchains building on top of it. It already processes 11x more transactions than Ethereum. Like you said why not just work together and build on top of Vechain. We need this”

Ethereum has kind of gone from where Vechain is. Ethereum started many years ago. You see their stock goes from pennies slowly to the dollar to ten and they reach an all-time high about $1400 USD and towards the end of December 2019 the new buzzword starts to come in with decentralized finance which is called defy and that started becoming the new buzzword.

In my other video, you look at Jim Brier. He is an angel investor. He got brier capital, billions worth of investments. There was an article on how Brier capital drops Ethereum and only keep Vechain in their lists of portfolios of blockchain technology companies. That was huge news because if you drop ethereum for another company that kind does the same thing watching technologies they’re saying that Vechain can do more faster transactions or TPS Transactions per second. A lot faster than these companies that are out there.

Nothing wrong ethereum. I hold the most in terms of my bag. I hold the majority of Vechain. The second is the ethereum. I like ethereum in the long run because of decentralized finance and I think they care that niche, more regulations come with decentralized finance in terms of the IMF coming in and out in some rules and laws behind decentralized finance. I think ethereum has a lot of potentials, especially with staking. There’s a staking calculator. If you hold a minimum of 32 Ethereum then you can start staking. I’m trying to get to a point where I want to hold about 96 ethereum.

In my last video, I talk about 224. It was an article here that I talked about. He was from being crypto and it mentions China and proves 224 new blockchain projects from big-name brands and what Yeah Me mention is Imagine Vechain becomes the next ethereum and this is what I think is gonna happen.

This is the Defi pulse. If you look at the chain that everyone is using. For example, Maker uses ethereum, synthetic uses ethereum, compound uses ethereum. Out of these companies, only one of the uses Bitcoin. That’s great news for Ethereum.

Like I mentioned in my other videos. China is trying to get big in 2 big things. The president of China is mandating artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Here’s an article saying “China approves 224 New Blockchain projects from Big-Name Brands”

The article talks about FinTech so that’s financial tech.

There’s also another article saying ” China has just announced the 3rd batch list of blockchain filings, 224 projects approved this time. Being projects account for nearly 40% of applications and 53 Fintech blockchain projects which is the largest category, accounting for 1/4 “

Let’s say financial tech so you’re a bank or you’re in financial technology whether you’re in payment systems or POS systems. Let’s take for example you’re in proof point of sale systems. Your important sale system doing digital transactions. You’re approved out of the 224 blockchain projects approved. What is your main goal? Your main goal is to collect every cent on that point-of-sale transaction so that company maintains revenue and it grows either by year. Do you think that these companies are gonna switch shifts and go into project mode and say well, I think we should build our own blockchain technology. They’re not gonna be building their own blockchain technology that’s the first thing. It’s easier to hire to do and use what’s already been named as I mentioned to my other video, don’t reinvent the wheel. Use something that is working. Trust has proven with great referrals and references and build upon that.

So when Yeah Me mentioned that in the comments and it’s so true. Look at decentralized finance what are they doing they’re not building their own blockchain like who wants to deal with.

A whole support team and developments to constantly improve that main net. They don’t want to do that they want to deal with how do we make money off each point-of-sale transaction and gain money on the interest. That’s point number 1. They’re not gonna be building their own blockchain. They’re gonna be going to who? This is why I think Vechain has the footer node early in terms of blockchain technologies, establish great partnerships so that’s where I think it’s going. They are gonna be using Vechain and this is in China. If you’re another Asian company, the Chinese company they’re gonna go to North America or the US and say hey I wanna build my blockchain on Trump’s blockchain. NO! Like nothing wrong with what IBM’s rebuilding blockchain technologies but I think IBM’s really strong or their position and they have a private blockchain. You got to start building on public blockchains.

Point number 2 is good because like I mentioned I own a supply chain company technology and when we can’t do something or when we’re working on a large project what do you do? You outsource, you bring other consultants and contractors and firms to establish this project, see what resources you need, and do it in an efficient time so, you’re profitable. You look at consulting firms. I google this “Top 5 consulting firms in the world” you can see all the lists pops up. If you look at the top 5 Deloitte and PWC. I think PWC does about 42 billion revenue per year and who is PWC working? Who has invested in Vechain and Deloitte? I think Deloitte drop Ethereum to work with Vechain. So there was an article on Deloitte.

These 5 companies are gonna go to a consulting group and that’s exactly what Vechain and how they position their company. They built toolchain, they work strategic partners like PWC, Deloitte, DNV GL, and their team professional services go and do the work. These companies are doing financial text. They gonna hire a company that has experience in that niche.

Like I mentioned these 224 new filings. They gonna hire a consulting group. PWC or Deloitte. They probably start working with those two companies and not reinvent the wheel and kind go off and go on with building the blockchain company whether they white label it or just do exactly like how H&M did. Whether they use my story and it said powered by Vechain that’s where it’s gonna come and as I mentioned were in the early stages of the Internet of blockchain technologies where we were in 1990 when the internet first came out and people were saying who’s gonna do business through an email.

Vechain Adoption Vechain Reading In-between the Lines

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