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Ron G Sep/ 8/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s video and blog we got a whole lot of nothing. Markets are red. Let’s see what’s happening on coin desk.

If you look at this. It’s like HG exchange just came out. They went live probably about 24 or 25 hours ago and did it do much? Not really. I think everyone just kind of wait and see how many transactions are actually happening how many institutional investors and how many accredited investors are gonna be actually using the HG exchange then we could kind of get a better number of some media that comes out some news basically blockchain transactions with silica and so on.

I didn’t expect the price to go up a lot especially when I woke up this morning and look at it at the markets that are red. We’re probably gonna have to wait. 2, 3, 4 days to see where and how you can invest now so I posted a tweet here. I applied so there’s some requirements. If you want to trade on HD exchange itself so, you need to be an accredited investor. If you go to the silica community forums.

How can you purchase HD exchange or how can you get to purchase like companies like SpaceX. They’re gonna tell you contact HD exchange because they don’t really know because when they see an accredited investor that could mean anything. It could mean that you need a minimum salary of half a million per year plus in assets.

I found out actually how you can qualify with HG exchange but I’ve emailed HT exchange and I’ve heard nothing and this is 4 days ago. If HG exchange is watching this, maybe you want to answer some people’s emails.

The term accredited investor from what I’ve seen is a minimum salary of three hundred thousand and about two million in assets not including your primary home or you can be an institutional investor and then purchase companies like SpaceX so I did a different route. I play it, I apply it on HG change and then I also went on It actually shows you the minimum requirements of the stocks that you want to buy.

Let’s say you want a piece of jacks. Some of them are like minimum investment is like 25,000. Are you preferred or like a regular investor. They’ll ask you all that stuff and then you put your email address or your phone number and then they’ll get back to you. So, I’m not expecting any quick emails back because I’m pretty sure they’re backlogged with a lot of stuff. That’s zilliqa. It still short to mid but I’m liking the project more and I’m just gonna wait for more news and then reassess my positions but I’m really curious to see what’s gonna happen with HG exchange if it’s going to go past December and then what other partnerships are gonna come along from now till December and that’s how I’m gonna reassess everything and see if I’m going to be long unzile but I think the way look at Zilliqa right now is back in the theorem days when Ethereum was selling for dollars.

This new thing with HG exchange and the ability to tokenize companies and buy like a fraction of that company is good. They have a lot of backing zilliqa so that’s why I like the project and then also the management team. Everything that your looking for fundamentally in the company is zilliqa.

The reason why I like Vechain and Sharering is because the management, the team, the funding, the blockchain transactions and then the potential of the technology that is gonna adopt when global adoption occurs.

Zilliqa is probably one of the coolest in terms of what they got an intact with charting. I’m not gonna name the exchange that I’ve been working with but it was just horrible. Sometimes you wish that you had more options to purchase some of the shares that you want or the tokens and sometimes you could have the best price, the best product but if your support sucks and you’re bringing on new investors and they’re having issues or you’re having like a lot of BOTS happening and they can’t control the bots and then your information gets leaked your personal identity gets leaked. It’s just bad to use and because especially like when I recommend these exchanges to my investors to my circle of friends or even as a community. It just doesn’t look good.

That’s what I was dealing with for majority of the last I would say 24 hours from when I woke up this morning. Working with chat support, working with 3 different members of the same exchange going in circles explaining the same thing. I wish they would get on to having a normal support team open a ticket so everyone can see the same ticket and kind of work upon that.

Some of my other friends they had their identity of like taken. I’m not gonna name the exchange but people in my telegram group they probably like frustrated I am but that’s life. Kind of live and learn. Maybe, we take the other route in and hop on that other exchange but we pay more of a premium which I think I’m gonna do.

Let’s check out Vechain stats. Not too much news lately with Vechain stats with Vechain itself but we are burning about Vthor are about 4 million so that’s not bad. Now, we’re actually consistent average. Three and a half million which is great and then sometimes spike now four out of five. I’ve another question about Vechain and Coinbase.

Someone was asking me; how much do you think Vechain is gonna spike up to? When Coinbase comes out with that announcement? Are we gonna dip back down? What’s the support level? I’m thinking, if we can maintain ninety set level, I think we’re gonna get roughly put at one point. I think .015 roughly .014 and I think support will probably be like putting 013 that’s kind of like that’s my normal range. I’m talking about like you’re talking a bullish. I think we could probably reach close to two pennies and then support levels probably like .015 but on the bearish side. I was saying like .013 and then you know support levels at least above a penny for sure so anyways that’s why I think you know that not financial advice but I think getting into Vechain because we see a dip is a great price and sharering as well.

Sharering is gonna have a lot of news and information out there if you’ve been watching my videos and if you’ve been following the community like it’s kind of hard to follow the community specially I’m sharering because there’s like multiple groups. There’s my group that we talk a lot about sharering the chain and zil and you’ve got the sharering official group and then you have the sharering that deals with like more. We talked about stock price and all that there’s a lot of information there and then sometimes not that stuff gets leaked but the admin’s will come in and say hey guys kind of like a reminder that there’s still 20 partnerships that are underneath that have yet to be released. It kind of keeps us all on our toes and just figuring out locate when do we should we buy anymore because what if this next partnership becomes huge or massive, we already had like Sigma capital invest so that’s great for sharering because that gives them more money to operate etc work on development and more and also getting more investors more eyes on sharering.

If you haven’t seen that news check out one of Tim Bosses on Twitter. Check out his one of his latest tweets and then Tim Boss also mentioned that the news is gonna get better and better each time. It’s like okay, I think there’s gonna be an AMA they mention on Friday and maybe some news so it’s like do we invest now while is a dip or do we wait for the 17 piece of news and like I said like group go check it out on Twitter on in or in out group there’s something like 20 companies that you are yet to be like disclose because what they’re all underneath in India and we always keep bugging the admin’s. What do you guys think it’s gonna be? Who’s it gonna be? They don’t give us any information.

On this piece of news so I did talk about the Paypal. I talked about Paypal a couple of days ago. People are up for our people, our land, we don’t need Paypal but what I think it’s good for the cryptocurrency market the reason why I think it’s good is because it’s gonna allow more retailers to come in and that’s what’s gonna drive these exchanges to boost it’s gonna make all of our altcoins. This is what I’m hoping for. I’m hoping that Bitcoin is actually plus 10,000 a bricks at support level and it gets past 10-11 thousand maybe even 12,000 by the time PayPal comes out because when retail investors start coming in. They’re gonna want one full Bitcoin but they’re gonna think. Bitcoins 12,000 I may as well get into what coins so and this is where I think we’re gonna have an altcoin season because they’re in our support levels are probably like 90 to 93 if we breaks apart and we pass get up to 11,000 when this news comes out with PayPal I think it’s gonna be great because majority of people who buy online they’re familiar with PayPal. Paypal is like the Bitcoin name in the cryptocurrency but in payments like PayPal was like one of the first to do online payments. Integration with different stores etc. PCI compliant and so that’s what bad news.

The other piece of news that came out on coindesk was 7 eleven. We see that the Bitcoin ATMs. There’s gonna be a lot of Bitcoin ATMs out there. It says investment app to sell cryptocurrency for cash at 6,000 outlets across the Philippines. This is gonna be huge like the amount of people in the Philippines is insane. Look at this terms include a minimum of the posit requirement of five hundred Philippine pesos which is like 10 bucks and a maximum purchase amount of 100,000 pesos over nineteen hundred dollars a day user will be charged with a two cent per transaction fee and can purchase all hours offer cryptocurrencies through their wallet so this is great especially if there’s no kyc doesn’t it really mention about kyc but this is really bullish this is really good in terms of the overall market because even in Canada, we have this company called alt local coin in Toronto and we have a lot of ATM there in the kind of like the smaller 7-elevens like the no-name brand kind of 7-elevens kind of hit in there like, they’re called hasty markets in Canada so if you’re from Toronto, you know the hasty markets they have him they’re not in a lot I think there’s over hundred across Ontario but it is growing so I like this and you know I just think it’s great the news between Bitcoin and 7-eleven is great whether you own Vechain or Sharering or Zilliqa because it’s just mass adoption.

When PayPal comes, if your coin is in the top 1,000 or top 500 then I’m pretty sure there’s going to be eyes on that coin and people are gonna buy it as log as there’s a lot of talk about that coin whether it’s Zilliqa, sharering, Vechain etc.