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Ron G Aug/ 13/ 2020 | 0

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Vet Fam is not new for you guys who are in Reddit forums of Twitter’s who’s been following Vechain closely, some of the other people in the group in the Reddit groups and Twitter Forums, etc. For those of you who are new and getting into Vechain, that’s just a sound of fireworks that are going off.

If you’re not familiar with the Vechain universe. Pretty much you can look at the contract stalker which is looking at which companies are actually using the Vthor gas on the Vechain ecosystem or you could actually go to the fireworks section which I’m on this is actually gas that’s being used on a blockchain on Vechain blockchain ecosystem.

That’s gas being burn. I think this is made by an individual by the name of Fabian and this is actually real fireworks that are going off real-time so as transactions get recorded they’re getting burned. They’re getting shown on this page now. For all of us like I mentioned for all of us who’ve been watching.

The reason why it’s so important if you’re new is Vechain is a great company. We all know the benefits of reaching. I’ll go over some of it in a second but to kind of challenge or for to kind of challenge some of the comments that I’ve been seeing or those negative comments that I’ve been seeing which is well, the token isn’t really being used because we don’t see much burn or gas but Vechain provides true enterprise blockchain solutions and we know that we’re in a pandemic.

Pretty much all the whole world is shut down and as soon as things start to come up and open up, those fireworks are gonna happen and what we’ve been seeing and like I’ve been saying is as we start to open up the global economy and businesses get back to work continue on projects such as this project with Walmart we’ve been seeing a lot of fireworks.

Those little projects that will kind of put on the back burner. Continue to get back on to the system and we see that in all those fireworks and if you’re new and want to find out more, you could go to this website called Vechain stats.

I think we’ve always been burning. I think three million-plus and if you look at today’s a great day. We’re almost at 5 million Vthor burns which is great because a lot of the people on the forums like on Twitter and Reddit they’re saying. Walmart I didn’t do a lot in this investigation. You just put in the Vechain or latest news you’ll see a lot of fireworks going on and just people talking about.

I highly recommend it. It is not financial advice but it’s just a great token to get into diverse your strategy outside the top three like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. I hold Ethereum and Bitcoin but the majority of my bag is Vechain just because I look at the utility and the use case coming from a traditional investing strategy that was mostly in like S&P you know stocks that were Nasdaq a company like Vechain and they have true partners enterprise solutions.

On the blockchain, PWC, DNV GL, Walmart, H&M, etc. For example, I’ll give you a quick example of how the utility and how it’s being used in traceability on the blockchain enterprise. This is a tweet by Dontshowmethememelines this is a twitter user and if you look at this product right here is a QR code that you can scan with your phone and I’ll tell you the origin of where that product came from whereas manufacturing the date and if it was a product that I needed climate or temperature-controlled or needed to be in a temperature-controlled environment.

It can carry that data depending on the technology being used. Whether it’s IOT which is the Internet Of Things but right now, we’re just doing a quick scan of this QR code. Some other applications that are being used is counterfeit. They have on a bottle of wine.

Over here, you can see that they have a bottle of wine. On that bottle of wine they have the verification certificate of that winemaker and they’d actually placed an NFC tag to collect the data and make sure that there’s no counterfeit or anything odd going around with you know reusing that wine or that bottle for counterfeit. That’s one example.

The second example here is like I mentioned which is Walmart. So, as soon as you take out. NFC and I’ll get into this right now. So, I saw an article on Blue Byte and I created a quick PowerPoint slide. The future of NFC IOT and more. So it says on this article it says, when we look at NFC implementation on a broader scale. We see impressively that there will be 1.6 billion. NFC enabled devices by 2024 and for the numbers projected in 2020 that group also reported that the total NFC market value will reach 47 billion dollars by the same year and also there’s big companies like UPS and in this article from TechCrunch which I’ll show you a second says blockchain solutions in supply chain will be estimated around 50 trillion dollars in the future.

Such as UPS are betting big and here’s the article on TechCrunch it says UPS bets on blockchain as a future of the trillion dollar shipping industry and this is an older article. Imagine in the numbers as more companies and there’s just more and more markets and conferences talking about blockchain.

This is such an old article. The numbers are going up by the year. In terms of blockchain and evil solutions. More tech companies and enterprise solutions are adopting something new because they don’t want to left behind. Here’s the article that talks about the state of NFC in 2020 and to sum this up. It just talks about the stats. Statistics of where we are in NFC because it talks about Apple and how it helped with building the NFC market. I think over point 6 billion phones are gonna be NFC-enabled by 2024. That’s on both Apple IOS and on Android devices.

The NFC market value is gonna be 47 billion dollars and it talks that this article talks about blockchain enabled solutions and it also talks about this apple opens up NFC 73% of smartphone supported. This is back in 2018 and then NFC payments 69 million. Will rise to 80 million and as you can see Vechain is already doing these solutions. The great thing about investing into Vechain is they already have these establish use cases out there. If a company is looking whether it’s alcohol or wine or spirits. 300,000 NFC enabled bottles on Malibu rum and if you look at enterprise blockchain solutions or the leaders Vechain is one of them by then and as you can see they already have that solution and they’re already kind of showing some of the solutions that they’ve been working on in the past. They’re also working, they’re big in the food industry and meat. That is one use case which is the near-far chip or the NFC chip when you can enable that onto.

A wine a spirit etc and like I mentioned the other case which is this Walmart product when you scan this QR code from your phone. This is actually what it looks like. It’s Sam’s Club is actually like the Costco of Walmart.

Walmart owned Sam’s Club and when you scan that product. It tells you all the information product information. The storage condition, the place of orange in the manufacturer. The annual report inspection. You could actually click on this, Will open this in another tab and it actually shows you some certificates which is great because this just puts more consumer confidence in the end-user finding out you know exactly where the origins of this product. You know the certificates that they hold yearly inspections.

As we click into it. You could actually see the report and all the stamp of approval and if you’re in learning more about the Vechain ecosystem. The company some of the programs, products or solutions that they have enabled or have been working on. You can actually check out Vechain org ford/boot camp and they hold these probably about every one to 2 weeks but they’re very informative because at the end of the session they have a Q&A.

If you join throughout the zoom call, you could start asking them questions. Just general questions based on that topic or based on anything. Whether it’s burn rate etc partnerships. This is great coz last week it was Sarah Naba. They were able to answer a lot of questions that the community had. The next one is actually coming out May 22nd. This is gonna be with the recent use of Cypress and that entering into the healthcare space and Hospital in Cyprus.

You could just register. It’s gonna happen May 22nd 10:00 p.m UTC time. That’s it for the latest news and updates but if you do have any questions check out my Youtube channel. I have a lot of videos out there. If you wanted to learn more and if you had like every week. I always do like an AMA. You kind of ask me anything and then I go through all the questions and record it live and I answer a lot of your questions. This is not specifically just for Vechain. It’s for a lot of that coins that I hold which is Bitcoin, Ethereum 80 Vechain, a little bit of XRP and a little bit of more that I’m kind of getting into because I keep getting emails, tweets and messages from other people that are saying hey, you should look into this and I do my own analysis and give my recommendation. It’s not financial advice but I do give my honest opinion on some of these coins that you guys are looking at. You could ask me anything.