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Ron G Sep/ 15/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s video I’m going to talk about probably the two latest pieces of news for sharing so for those of you who’ve been following me on my channel. I want to learn more about what these relationship and partnership means for sharering and for investors.

I’m just gonna dive deep into this so the first piece of news that we’re going to talk about is Sigmal Capital. I’m gonna make this one a little short just to kind of get to the point. You don’t have to go through this long process of like learning it for like 10-15 minutes. I can keep it short for you guys.

With Sigma Capital what this means it’s so basically Sigma Capital is an investment firm so if you look at the portfolio, if you’re not familiar with those two projects that they just sign on those 2 partners. Those 2 pieces in use which is Alpha Sigma Capital and fire blocks okay. These are bridge retail institutional investors.

Fireblocks can retail investors large retail investors that are investing a large sum of money that want to do it securely and safely with Alpha Sigma. If you look at here they bridge institutional investments to credible projects or to credibility to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects because as you can see with global adoption especially in the last bull run.

Bitcoin went to 20,000. Everyone was trying to figure out. How do we invest? How do we do it in a safe way? If you look at Mark Cuban’s strategy though he doesn’t buy on the exchanges because it’s too much of a headache for him these wealthy investors don’t want to go through the exchanges. They’d rather go through institutional funding investment.

They’ll invest large sums like 2-4 million into these 2 companies similar to Alpha Sigma Capital. So, Alma Sigma Capital, look at the partners that they have, we’re gonna look at the portfolio so they’re into Big Data AI in cryptocurrency.

Right now, the major players in the market that are building upon technology which haven’t been successful what investors are talking about is AI artificial intelligence in Blockchain and big data. Now, if you look at president Xi Jinping well, he mentions part of the reason why Vechain is kind of exploding towards that area and blockchain adoption is because President Xi Jinping in China wants to be ahead of the game a lot further and faster than companies in North America. If you look at blockchain technology who’s the leader right now. It’s China because President Xi Jinping what he mentioned like I said he says we want to be the forefont. The main adopters. Early adopters in 2 main areas of technology which was AI artificial intelligence and Blockchain Technologies. That’s why you see companies like Vechain doing so well.

If you look at Alpha Sigma Capital. Who’s on the list? Sharering right? That was a piece of news. The only cryptocurrency here is Celsius and then you also have digital bytes for blockchain and then decentralized finance and Dphi, you can see their portfolio is well-versed. Like I mentioned about diversity even when I invest into cryptocurrencies.

I like to have a diversify portfolio. One which is decentralized finance. I like Ethereum as my defy project for travel. We can talk about sharering and digital passports. That is sharering. Then, we talk about blockchain traceability supply chain solutions. When I go, you look at my portfolio it’s well diverse but this is on a bigger scale with Alpha Sigma.

Alpha Sigma working with institutional investor. It’s keyword is institutional investors. It’s not retail investors where they’re putting like a small sum of $100 here, $1000 or $10,000. Volume is great but we need talk about institutional that’s hedge funds pensions banks. These people are doing large capital and like investments with Alpha Sigma and basically what Alpha Sigma is doing is; here’s what our portfolio is and they don’t really care about the percentages.

We have sharering in there. Imagine how much purchasing, buying and transfers coming in from Alpha Sigma into sharering. Also this kind of relates to fire blocks. If you look at the last piece of news with sharering. If you looked at the last piece of news with sharering. They created a partnership with fireblocks network and it’s kind of following the same strategy. It’s actually a partner with Celsius networks. This means, it helps with more institutional investors bringing and moving funds from one place to another. From the fireworks network all the way over the sharering in a secure fashion and easy to do fashion.

Imagine it’s a lot easier for institutional investors that wanna purchase a big sum of tokens from sharering in a secure fashion. Imagine like a large investors like Sigma Capital. Let’s say they needed 20 million sharering, it’s gonna be almost impossible to get it on and know on the binance or in the bitmart worlds. A secure way of doing this is great because they’re not doing it for one company.

I’m pretty sure they have a lot of stuff in the pipeline that we’re kind of waiting for the news to come out to see what other capital investment know firms that are gonna be or institutional firms that are gonna be investing into sharering which is great because they see the need. They see blockchain enterprise adoption and when you’re talking about cryptocurrencies and blockchain this is great because for those of you been following.

We know that there’s the blockchain companies and there’s cryptocurrencies. If you talked about Cryptocurrencies back in 2015 and 2016. All people knew was blockchain. I mean all people knew was like Bitcoin or maybe Ethereum but they knew Bitcoin so they thought maybe Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency maybe it’s a scam. As we get more towards global adoption. People are starting to distinguish between cryptocurrency and blockchain technology even though there’s a strong relation in between cryptocurrency and blockchain technology because the token system.

Blockchain enterprise solution is the future of technology and you’ve seen it in global to the adoption with Vechain. Now we’re seeing with the travel industry with sharering and that’s why I’m so bullish on the because if you look at you know your portfolio of cryptocurrencies or what you have in your bag. How many blockchain technology enterprise companies are dealing with COVID passport. Digital identity immutable especially in the travel and hospitality space which is a seven trillion dollar market.

If you look at this article here Aussie Blockchain Project Sharering Gets Investment from Alpha Sigma Capital for Unified Ecosystem for the Travel, Sharering and On-Demand Economies. Now look at this key Sharering Management Team successfully executed gig-economy applications for mobility rentals and travel. The sharering app is focused on the fragmented $7 trillion travel economy by integrating travel documents and itineraries into an all-in-one travel app.

In seven trillion dollar travel economy and it’s just great news because they see a future, they wouldn’t say well we’re gonna create a partnership with fireblocks because we just have Alpha Sigma Capital. I’m pretty sure there’s some news behind the doors that we’re al kind of waiting for. I’ve been bullish before on a sharering prior to months ago. I first got introduced to it and I started diving deep into it and the reason why I liked it was because of the top anomic and the low circulating supply and what the market cap.