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Ron G Sep/ 3/ 2020 | 0

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Got a good one, like a celebration for you, everyone in the V share family.

If you want to learn more about sharering reach out to our group. We’re going to be celebrating today. It was exciting because we had Vechain pump up to a penny that last week and it’s still hovering like we had a retracement back to about 20% slowly coming back and then no this week.

Mike Schadt was on fire go away for an hour and I get like 400 messages. That was good but now we’re hovering down to about .007 or .008 and that’s normal. If you’re new to cryptocurrency, you just check it out here so we have you take a look at the high and then you get a little retracement at about 20% that’s normal. If you do see a pump and you want to get back in look for about a 20% marker and buy back in and the reason why it’s pumping is that there’s a lot going on in Social and if you’re part of the telegram groups, there’s the admin’s and then even the CEO Tim Boss of sharing mentioned that we’re going to be announcing these partnerships this week.

Sometimes this week so everyone wants to get in because it’s the exact same thing as Cardano. It did a big pump if you put money into it at .005 and waited for you the test dates to come out at a certain date.

Vechain is doing pretty well. We know we’re sitting at .0090 so, that’s good. People are asking me, are these prices good? I think anything below a penny. That these SEO’s or these coins are getting close to a penny if you look long term in terms, probably the 5-year term of holding onto those coins, I think you’ll be fine. If you’re in for a shorter time. Max is like 1 and half-year or 2 years. I would say, think longer-term because of these 2 companies or these 2 tokens have such a great system and great utility. If you look at their 2 different companies or Vechain like supply chains logistics traceability they have their own white-label tool trained kit sharering the same thing but in a different vertical market in terms of like their with travel and tourism.

I’m excited because Tim and the staff said that there’s 20 NDA’s so Non Disclosure Agreements that they’re just waiting for partnerships. I probably do a video on how to’s because on my side like without the online space I got a lot of questions. Where do I store my tokens? How do I store tokens? How do I move it off? Some of the basics. Even if you wanna learn that join the group.

Hopefully we get another run this week with the big news. I’m thinking it might be fetched but I wouldn’t be surprised because I know Tim said in his last AMA that they are building something along the lines like with the Thailand Government. They’ve already had the discussions because if you looked at my last video. So, Dhabi insurance is partially owned by the Thailand Government. That opens the doors for a lot of relationships in terms political stuff that needs to be done especially with health care, COVID passports. Tim is his last AMA said that we have a meeting with people in the Thailand Government.

I’m pretty sure he said Thailand Government working on a COVID passport. Imagine something the cruise line. I made a tweet out there. It’s more speculation because I think this is where it could be coming because they’re very big in like travel and tourism. What’s bouncing back is travel. More people to travel and people want to get back on cruise lines. How do you make it safe? One way is a COVID passport so I can see that because if you ever been on a cruise. I’ve been on 3 or 4 cruises and you get a wristband. You log everything’s unlocked.

If that RFID sensor or whatever, is integrated white labeled with some kind of COVID passport, it’s massive, unreal, that’ll just probably bring us to 2 cents and then it starts getting white label. This is just an SDK. Like I said, toolchain is go run with the same thing with sharering. We have an SDK legal platform and it makes us or for them scalability and growth. You don’t have to no longer like do custom solutions where you got to work with one customer it’s like SDK white label API plug-in.