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Ron G Sep/ 10/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s video and blog we’re gonna be talking with the latest news from Tim Boss with Fireblocks. It’s gonna be a short and sweet video. I posted on my Twitter page that things just got big for sharering.

Sharering, I assume this means more massive institutional investors. Let’s get into the article and let’s get into Tim Boss tweet. Tim says; “We’re very happy to be integrated with FireblockHQ. Not only does it give our new institutional and retail taken holders a secure way to get into our ecosystem, it also provides us with a highly secure on-ramp and off-ramp for our SharePay payment system.”

Before we get into the article. I had about 7 people. Message me between tweets and in my telegram group. If you’re not in my telegram group and if you’re new into cryptocurrency. Join my group we’re about 400 people in the group. We don’t care for you because we’re here to guide you and kind of give you like our advice. Not financial advice but we make sound investments and we have a lot of experts in that community a lot of admins then I’ll talk about different Halton points.

We’re not bias on one coin and if you wanna ask me a lot of times. I’ll get on the phone with you. It just depends on how busy I am. I had a lot of questions on my telegram group and on tweets they are saying “well, what does this mean?, what is the latest news mean? and the first thing is okay. Do you understand what institutional investment means so an institutional member.

If you have any problems and you come into our channel with anyone giving you problems just reach out to me or one of the admit so, everyone’s here to learn and like I said there’s no such thing as a dumb question ask away. Here it is a large organization such as a bank pension fund labor union or insurance company that makes substantial investments on the stock exchange.

Let’s get into Fireblocks HQ, so here it is Sharon integrates with fireblocks network bringing enterprise-grade security to sharering network ecosystem. When you start working with institutional investors not your retail shirt, retail great. We all care about security but when you’re processing large funds between exchanges between sharering between wherever especially with pension funds, hedge funds banks, their number 1 priority is compliance and security that is top-notch. It’s the same thing with like HIPAA and how they’ve got their standards when financial institutions very bit in terms of security. So, what does this mean let’s get more into the article here so it says we are pleased to announce our integration with fireblocks an enterprise-grade platform delivering a secure infrastructure.

I see the secure infrastructure for moving storing and issuing digital assets. Fireblock enables exchanges custodians banks trading desks and hedge funds to securely scale digital asset operations through patent-pending SGX and MPC technology.

Before we get further down into the article. I’m going to show Fireblocks website and I want to show you some of the largest institutional players here so, over here find out why the largest institutional players have already switched to Fireblocks.

Look at Genesis, Prime Trust, First, these are large institutional players Celsius networks. Another one that’s kind of doing the same thing as sharering. Enigma, Nexo. Since implementing Fireblocks who have had some of our best months in terms of increasing trading volumes. So, they work with a number of institutional investors and exchanges to process these large transactions that need to happen on the sharering ecosystem or on whoever’s blockchain.

Look at the interface that they have. It’s easy to deploy and easy for institutional investors to put Sharepay or whatever stable coin or whatever token that they need and this is great for institutional from and like I said in my group. We have the retail investors and what would you rather have. If you think about it, would you rather have a hundred retail investor. Deposit $100 and share tokens or would you rather have the whales come in which is going to increase your share price or the sharering token SHR.

Let’s get further down into the article and I highlighted some keypoints as to why I’m so bullish on sharering. People ask me; well, I thought you like Vet. Guys, I still like VET, it just with sharering, it has a lot of potential, a lot of opportunity based on the partnerships that they have. The capital they got the news with Sigma Capital.

Check this out; A New Era of Global Consumerism So, it’s a share powered by the Distributed Ledger Technology by leveraging DLT sharing is posed to streamline on-demand economies with their sharing shop app. So here’s what I’ve highlighted; Moreover, sharering will also help to blend the fragmented travel and rental economy across several targeted sectors with our Sharering travel app, including but not limited to hotel check-ins, activities, flights, insurance policies & claims, visa and tourist applications.
I’m gonna describe this COVID passports self sovereign digital identity mobile wallets payment solutions and vehicle rentals. With this pandemic whether there’s pandemic or not it’s gonna benefit sharering in general in total.

Let’s say we still have this pandemic, things are starting to ease. If you look at global news everyone’s travelling again, they’re lifting up the economy because the economy can’t take it. There’s only certain amount of debt and money that the feds can print. What’s gonna be happening? They need to improve the economy.

Trump says we built this great economy and we can’t shut down. So, if you look at it? What they gonna do? They just need to increase health measures. More marketing, more campaigns based on health. What to do Social Distancing? Part of this and if you look at dotting insurance. If you haven’t seen my video dotting insurance is a partially owned entity owned by the Thailand Government and they’ve already partnered up with Tim Boss and Sharing so if you look at that they are making a mandatory electronic visa on arrival.

If you haven’t seen my video check out Evo and Thailand or sharering you’ll understand what I’m talking about. With that mandatory electronic visa on arrival. This is what Sharon just came out with COVID passport, it’s the same thing as Vechain.

Vechain are they’re creating this exact same thing digital identities digital passports reaching did it with cyprus. Cyprus hospital, it’s the same thing with sharering they created a COVID passport for flying so imagine all these countries that are mandated to get an electronic visa by dotting insurance was partially owned by the Thailand Government. They will probably be mandated to get a COVID passport. All of the events that happens those transactions, It creates data and transactions of a blockchain which gets flow backs gets reward to the masternodes and get to reward it to people who are staking the sharering token and that’s why I’m so bullish in terms of it getting to a dollar because the circulating supply it is a lot less that Vechain.

So, if you understand what I’m saying about that and if you don’t just come into my group. I’ll talk more about it. So, we got COVID passport. let’s say this pandemic is long. The economy is back to normal. What’s everyone doing traveling. Imagine having the sharering one ID, you do everything from your pump, from your phone, your car rent, your hotel, your flight, all on the share one ID ecosystem and that’s why I like the whole concept.

If you understand and you dig deeper into what sharering is offering. You’ll understand why I’m so bullish on sharering and like I said it’s like a hidden gem. This is what I’ve been kind of working on all this morning because a lot of people have questions about. How does this benefit sharering? How does benefit shareholders? This is why we have institutional investors where we have these whales that actually want to come in. That have been looking at sharering that really want to invest.

It’s all on the sharering one ID in his previous company keys which is adopting that platform. You do all your stuff prior to getting to hertz or wherever to your rental location and you scan that technology and you can do everything from your phone that’s why they call sharering one ID.