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Ron G Aug/ 27/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s blog and video I’m gonna do follow up emails all that stuff and then also trying to get in before the news tomorrow. I just released the video. 2021 they’re still doing a lot of development and especially with COVID of what’s happening, the travel app won’t be created or going live starting going live after a pandemic coz it doesn’t really make much sense but the travel app was supposed to be released.

Sharing network, the CEO is the former owner of keys, he just sold it but he has very close relationships with that because I think he might be sitting on the board of directors still maybe but I think they have over. I don’t know a hundred thousand locations or 200,000 locations and partnerships with car rental companies Sony is just imagined like when I talk about buying the dip.

You invest in your money into these travel companies that have good cash flow that could maybe furlough and kind of weather this storm because once we get the vaccine and pandemic what’s gonna happen everything is gonna come back to normal. These companies like American Airlines Delta etc.

What are they going to do? They’re gonna rebound Air Canada set up. The thing that intrigued me, I saw this video, this company sharing back in February. It was ironic because I got back from Thailand and one we were filling out the visas and my cousins were filling out. All these visas because some of them were from the Philippines. It was different. They had to wait inline for so long and the lineup was long and it was hot in Thailand. So, imagine having at your disposal everything on your iphone in your hand. You scan your face.

If you look at Tim Bossess, one of his videos on how he authenticates his face, the partnership. He did with that to do OCR recognition is big because more people are gonna use this especially with the amount of visitors that are going into Thailand in and out. That means more transactions on their Blockchain.

If you look at Vechain they do large enterprise solutions. One at a time, enterprise solutions that cost maybe hundreds of thousands if not millions to do deployments. Aside from the toolchain if they resell it but still expensive but in this case with Sharering, think of volume, think of transactions, think of blockchain utility that’s why I’m so bullish on this because of that but within that whole sharering at work or a bunch of like little mini-ecosystems that they have different apps and the sharing up will be coming the travel app won’t be coming out until I think things are lifted off with the pendant coz it just only makes sense.

They have everything. At this, it’s sharing it’s one login, one ID, one app, one payment, What they’re doing, and if you’ve ever been to.

I heard one of their AMAs their boot camps, they’re gonna start create curating like destinations, like travel spots destinations curating, let’s say you want to go to Thailand and you have an interest in the budget-friendly destination. They’re gonna curate a whole package for you or mini destination or bundles.

When I got back from Bangkok in Thailand and then went over to Chang Mai, that thing is your deal with a currency called baht. When you work with baht especially from Canada and the US. Does someone ask how much is baht? To be honesty you can never run out of money. That’s why I like this. You could probably bring $10.

I remember like my family and I eating dinner and I’m trying to calculate how much the total meal would cost and we hit five large dishes rice, drinks whatever and it cost $9, and I just like WOW. On top of that like street food but if you just had 1 ID, one login. So, you can get your car; book your hotel; not to really touch anything; order your food. I think they’re integrating like; taxes. In Thailand, they have called grab. I’m pretty sure something is gonna is integrated.

They have everything like one ID, so, you can book your car. Share P is actually what you’re paying with and then share is the actual token on the ecosystem. If you look at their bookings, they got hotels near you. Pay with the fees and then, it’s just a nice interface like from what I saw from Timi’s AMA then you could top-up and then every time you pay there’s always a transaction on that blockchain which kind of like when you listen to the video of Tim’s and if you read some of the technical documents it’ll make you more bullish on this because we’re all expecting.

If you look at that you get scanned with your QR code. In there you got your wallet address but this is just like one part of it. Like I said there’s some news or announcement like people were talking they were saying “Well Ron, that’s not even the big thing” like the travel app will be big and the car rentals and everything else and flights and Airlines and the one ID but the thing that they’ve been working on or what they’re releasing first.

Timothy Boss is the CEO of sharing and if you look at his last tweet it says we just finalized our first delivery zone for sharing global shop. It covers 51 thousand households in Melbourne South East, we will launch the website on Monday and start taking orders supported by the share ledger blockchain. Their 2 week pilot has been overwhelmingly positive.

As the pandemic came I’ve tried to order on Walmart online just to get food delivery. So that, I have to go into the grocery store where my mass where my gloves where my protected eye glasses.

With this, they allow these people to create their own business and kind of do a white label portion of their own Mini Network for the certain parts of the city in Melbourne.

If you look at this at all of the suburbs that they have and the household. I think there was a tweet out there for every delivery. There\s 360 transactions for 440 items.

There was a tweet on it. I’m gonna find it. I didn’t want to make it too long but just imagine, this is in one area. This is in Southeast Melbourne. Imagine this rolls out to white label partners that want to create their own Uber system.

Amazon deliveries is big now. It delivers people are allowing entrepreneurs to get their own trucks and become an Amazon delivery. Just google Amazon delivery business. You get your own truck, you start delivering for Amazon, you make money. This concept here is great because I think what they’re pitching is order organic like local food order, food delivery from local or support your local grocery shop or etc,

I’m reaching out to the sharering team to get some videos and information. So that I can pass that on to you and explain in a better sense. I’m kind of rushing this video because the price movement of going up so much.