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Ron G Aug/ 18/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s video and blog, I want to talk about investing strategies and also more on the topic of exit strategies. I know, I touched base on this a little bit but I want to do a specific video on the types of coins that I’ll bag and huddle for longer than the other ones whereas the other ones are short-term to mid-term investments where I want to pump and dump. Make a little bit of money and exit out quickly.

In this bull run, I learned a lot of my mistakes from there and hope that I don’t make that second mistake again. I want to give an example of particular all claims that are coming out that have main nets that are coming out that are being hyped with a strong community. For example; Cardano. Cardano got a great CEO, got a great team, a great community, a lot of believers, you have a lot of people create a lot of controversy between Ethereum and Cardano. Which one gonna be better? We can’t wait until Cardano comes out.

Two of those systems can exist and whichever one prevails are great. Both of them are tough because Ethereum has been there longer in the game and they’ve got more customers, they don’t really have to prove as much. Just because Ethereum is used by so many other companies like Microsoft. They’re using on the Azure Amazon MLB (Major League Baseball). Just keep going on and on the list is pretty long. This enterprise customer is just so long for Vechain that is good.

When I talk about Cardano right now, it’s at 5 cents. So, we all know if you’re not familiar with Cardano and in this stage that they’re building like the test net or the main net. I know the majority of you guys are my Vefam. A lot of you guys in the community. I’m more bullish and long term because just the way that market is right because Enterprise solutions we all know that it’s not gonna take one night where we’re gonna explode to like $75. We know the maturity of how businesses and enterprises adopt things. There’re some early adopters, there’re some midterm adopters and there’re the late adopters where they’re kind of forced.

Well, we need to get onto the blockchain just because in the long run. We’ll probably see an ROI or maybe in the short term. Now, when you have Cardano ADA not to say that they’re not going to be like Vechain but I think like in the short term when Shalley comes out there’s a good chance that more investors are going to come in and as it gets closer to that date it’s gonna pump up the coin we might go to 10 cents or 15 cents. So my short-term plan is, I bought in that 5 cents are gonna rebuy probably this later on this week. I’m just waiting for a little bit of a dick and then hold.

So, hold hopefully maybe earlier and it depends on when this bull run comes and then when they’re there main that comes over there. They’re test phase for Shalley. Once it comes out I’m hoping it’s gonna ten cents and maybe 7 cents I’m gonna rebuy back in. That’s my short term strategy for that but I have some other coins that I’ll talk about like which is kind of doing similar. There were probably like 3 other coins that I’m waiting for.

I’m just trying to do my due diligence and seeing how the community. The main thing is they getting their funding and how many investors are in there because what I like to do is at the cash flow how long they last. What type of investors they have and where they’re getting their money what’s the trading volume they using some of the shares of funding everything that’s going.

Ethereum is more of a long-term play. I like Ethereum, it’s not like heaven but if you look at BTC the two leaders. Bitcoin is like store value hold on to it for the long term because you never know it’ll happen just because of that hard set supply of 21 million and then if you look at Ethereum, the way I look at Ethereum is, it has a lot of potentials. It has a lot more going on compared to Bitcoin. So, the way I look at Ethereum it’s a long term strategy because we don’t know how 2 is gonna be out with staking and validating.

We don’t know if the dividends are making payments that are gonna have it be 14% in the first year and is it gonna continue on to 14% and as ETH goes up and as more institutional investors and scoop up all of the ETH can there’s that supply and demand issue. That’s my strategy for that.

Then XRP is as soon as I know 3X my ROI. I’m out of there. Kind of see where it goes because I think it’ll get like a small pump and it’s gonna like to do a little off again. I was a lot more bullish on XRP but I just with a lot of I’ve been doing a lot of research on XRP and the use case and a utility and trying to see well, when XRP comes in as transaction for like cross-border payment. You pay for the Fiat XRP but then you switch it again back from XRP into Fiat. So, how much of the token are you actually using? Are you using XRP as a payment or is it just kind of doing a one to one transmit the payment and then change it back to fiat and sending it back to that customer.

So, how much are you using the utility of XRP actually not ODL because cross-border payments like it’s a one time shot? You might be doing a lot of them but how much of that utility you really have to ask yourself, how much of that utility is actually being used. That was kind of my reason for changing up my position because also the movement of XRP was kind of like either flat low. That was a part of the reason why I dumped a lot of my XRP and just put it into like Ethereum, Vechain, Bitcoin, and some others.

I held actually quite a lot when I first got in 2016-2017 that was part of the mistake. Was where I didn’t exit out early enough and when we talk about exiting early for all other altcoins. Just have a threshold like for me, if I was like gonna tell my dad something or my mother and my brother. I would say, how much X or gain would you be happy with. Let me know then I would say when you initially first got your return on investment and let’s take that plus 10% exit that portion of your coins out and then when you reach a threshold let’s say if it’s a dollar exit out.

Try not to be too greedy because you never know when these markets like it could go to $4 and then you know tomorrow, it’s like 2 cents. I wanted to keep it at that, I want to keep it short and also, I want to thank all you guys for commenting subscribing you know reaching out to me on twitter.