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Ron G Feb/ 26/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s blog, we’ll tackle how to record your iPhone screen on your computer or mac using OBS. In the video, you’ll see that I recording on my MacBook Pro 2018 and it’s no different if you’re gonna be using your PC or your Windows 10 machine to record your iPhone screen.

By doing this, we use a program called OBS and I’ll leave a link in the description on the video on how to download OBS. OBS is completely free. I use a combination of tools to do screen recordings, captures and so on. One of them is Camtasia. I like Camtasia because it has an easy workflow.

The easiest way to getting started is to use OBS which stands for Open Broadcast System and it’s available on MAC and Windows. The first thing you need to do is, make sure that your iPhone is plugged in and have OBS downloaded. You can see at the bottom of OBS you can see all the scenes. The scene could include different sources and elements within your window.

I’ll show you an example. Let’s go to my iPhone overlay. In the video, you can see it. This is an example of the source and in that source which is a scene. Once you start playing around the OBS you’ll get a better understanding of exactly what scene and sources are.

Sources are like when you start adding your captures, your sources like your devices, your monitors, etc. Underneath this iPhone background in OBS. Actually have an iPhone overlay then I have my iPhone access device which is being captured and I have my media source.

Underneath YouTube subscribe there’s subscribe and when I click the little (i) you will remove the image. I’ll show you another one which is the office iPhone background. Now, my iPhone screen is just the blank screen and as you can see in the sources, there are no other media and there’s no other capture. It’s just my iPhone itself which captured. If I go to another one which is the office background, you can see that I have a media source in the background. My iPhone and then the iPhone overlay. The iPhone overlay I grabbed it off google somewhere.

Those are kind of a brief explanation and let’s go into adding your iPhone into OBS to record. The first thing you need to do is go to the bottom left of the OBS and click on plus. Now, we can name this called “test iPhone video capture” then click ok. Now, that we have this video capture, we have this empty window and we have to add a source. You need to click on “plus” and we gonna select “video caption device”. As you can see, I have a bunch of video capture sources. One is my android phone which is Samsung Galaxy S10 then I have a flip which is a video source which is a camera that points to my flipped screen and then my iPhone x which I already have. It is in another video capture card.

Now, let’s create a new one and click OK. Then, it will pop up a window and with that window, you gonna select your device. The device you gonna is selected as long as you have it plugged in OBS and your Mac or your Windows. You’ll be able to detect the device. I have my facetime XD camera which is a native MacBook Pro video camera. My iPhone X which we want to select. This is another webcam that I’m using which is the Logitech reel. What you gonna do is cut and select the iPhone X and then you can see it pop up. Now, if it doesn’t pop up, don’t get worried because this happens quite often. We just clicked ok and then now you can drag your elements however you want. You can adjust it, add images, add backgrounds, etc.

Once you have your media, the source, and everything. Now, you can start recording your iPhone screen and the best way to do that is going to the bottom right of the OBS and click “start recording” and it starts to record. You can see my audio mixers. I’m working with the Focusrite and a rode wireless GoPro. When you want to stop the recording just click “stop”. You can see that recording to your folder as an mp4.

The thing I like OBS is, it doesn’t really render. It captures right away and as soon as you press “Stop” that video file is already in OBS. You can post and edit it. I like to edit everything into Final Cut Pro. Sometimes I use Camtasia just for simple stuff but when I want to get into more professional editing and adding different animations, like logo, intro’s and I’ll use Final Cut Pro.

How to Record iPhone Screen On a Computer or Mac Using OBS.

A quick video that I show you how to quickly record your iPhone X or XR or other iPhone screen using a PC or Mac on OBS.

This will also record your iPhone screen with full sound and 4k video if your pc or Mac supports 4k. Check out our playlists for more How To’s.

OBS can be downloaded here for free –