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Ron G Feb/ 25/ 2020 | 0

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Today, we’re going to be buying VECHAIN. If you saw my other video on how long it took me to purchase Bitcoin using simplex.

Log in to your, click “Tools” and click “Advanced” then go over to your favorite coins. I have lists of my favorites. If you want to know how to create favorites, you just come over here to “markets” look for the coin that you’re looking for. If you want to trade in the BTC market or the Bitcoin market and you’re looking at VECHAIN. For example, put in VE and then it pops up with VECHAIN and over to the left here you’re just going to click on that little star and that’s how you build your portfolio for favorites and when you go over to favorites. In the top section, it has all the list of favorite coins.

Let’s say you want to trade and buy. I like to go to events because it kind of gives you your calculator of what you want to purchase here. Let’s go to your favorites and you want to purchase VECHAIN. Click that. It shows that I’ve got this VECHAIN.

Now, what you want to do is just over here you can specify how much you want VECHAIN. Let just say I want 600,000. It’ll tell you how much BTC that’s gonna cost you.

Alright, so there we are, we bought 600,000 VECHAIN so waiting for that to go through. That’s how to but VECHAIN.

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