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Ron G Sep/ 2/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s video and blog, I’m gonna show you how to buy sharering the proper way. We get this question a lot. I just want to make this kind of FAQ on how to buy sharering and where to buy sharering and kind of how to buy any altcoin to see where the most volume is.

Our telegram group is growing. Last week we were at 30, now, we’re 240. It’s great because we’re providing great advice out there for novice users and the cryptocurrency people who are learning etc and then we also have Alex Lynch, he is another admin. He is doing a great Job. Very knowledgeable and then we also have Vechain news.

I’m gonna make this video clear and easy so you could learn how to buy sharering. Here, we are in CoinGecko. This is gonna apply to all coins. If you don’t know the symbol of sharering. Just search the name.

Once the name pops up, click on it. We can see all the details of it. The current price, the percentage gain of what’s up today in 24 hours, you can see the 24 hour trading volume and the circulating supply.

What makes sharing so attractive is the circulating supply in the market cup. In a lot of coins that you see out there, they have it like endless circulating supply of 200 billion. Some ridiculous amounts but if you look at circulating supply of a sharering it’s low. The market cap for it ti reach a dollar it’s like an attractive price and that’s why I like sharering. The technology seems great.

You can also see here some of the examples of how people are satisfied in terms of the social aspect of it.

Let’s find out where the most volume in terms of exchanges. If you go down, you can see this page. These are the exchanges that have the most volume. That is why everyone in our group will always recommend buy your sharering with bitmark.

For example if you have a coinbase or binance account you want to make sure that you have BTC in one of your wallets or one of your addresses or running exchanges so, what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna transfer how much BTC that you want to convert over to sharering.

Let’s go to Bitmart account. I assume that you already have an account for bitmart. Let’s say we’re at the homepage, You wanna get google-authenticator.

Google Authenticator, it helps you log in securely into Bitmart. The first thing you wanna do once you logged in. You have an authenticator come over to spot.

You can click assets. From your binance account over to coinbase. What you wanna do is, you want to deposit your Bitcoin over into your Bitmart account. What you gonna do is click on Deposit and it’s gonna show you the address that you’re gonna copy into your coinbase or your binance account.

Now, that you have your bitcoin ready. Remember in order to buy sharering you need BTC. On the top left, you can click BTC and then click SHR. You can see the trading. The common mistake that I see, people doing is they’ll come over here and they’ll start to buy sharering but it’ll give them an error message saying there’s only one Bitcoin.

Majority to people are not investing one full bitcoin because there;s not gonna volume. If you’re looking tip to bitcoin worth of sharing that’s probably gonna be challenging so, the best thing to do is come to limit.

Click here:

If you want to get verified what you wanna do is come over here to assets. Click 24 hour withdrawal and you just do verify. With intermediate your requirement is everything in starter. You need your email, if you just provide your email address and phone number you can do a deposit but if you wanna do the intermediate you can do a digital asset deposit withdrawal. Meaning you could move that over to another address. If you want crypto exchange move it to another crypto exchange OTC. What you’re gonna need is your email address, your phone number, your passport ID, drivers license, nationality, name, gender and then ID confirmation photo. If you’re familiar with coinbase and binance, you have to take a picture of yourself holding up your credit card or your license and you just submit that. Once you verify it then you could start doing this.

If you want to get into the professional level which majority people don’t really, they just want take it off bitmart and then put into either another exchange or into a digital asset. Now, the second option, if you don’t wanna use bitmart, the other option is bindings decks but I’m gonna show you by next decks, I’m gonna show you the price. You always look at where the most volume is. 99.57% of the volume to purchase SHR is on bitmart. On bindings decks there’s only .11 and if we come over to bind in STAX. I don’t think there is any available.

You can go to binance and check out what’s available B&B, SHR and as you can see 52% increase. The growing price for B&B is .006325 so it’s a big difference between binance and bitmark. I would recommend bitmarks. Very easy just do the KYC then you can exchange it or transfer to your wallet.