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Ron G Jun/ 10/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s blog we’re gonna be talking about Ethereum 2.0 as well as Investing and Dividend payments. For those of you who are not familiar with Cryptocurrencies and the type of ICO or coins that are out there.

One thing I like to do is look at the use case of a particular altcoin. See the partnerships and see exactly what the company is all about. I know a lot of people have a lot of speculation in terms of cryptocurrency they think there’s a scam. They think it’s for criminals etc.

Let’s get into I got this article from Basically, this explains what about Ethereum. Ethereum was founded in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin and he’s from Toronto. In the article it says,

“Ethereum white paper describes the blockchain as an evolution of bitcoins enabling not only payments but smart contracts too”

Ethereum builds on office solidity. There’s a ton of developers 4 times amount of developers on Bitcoin. It mentions that on the blockchain they do with a lot of smart contracts.

I’m gonna get into more than meat and potatoes of this video and I’m gonna talk about dividends, price, etc. I’m gonna show you the calculator. It is pretty cool because if 2.0 be being released in July. That’s a tentative date. We’re not too sure if that’s the firm date but people are saying that it should be out in July. It may have pushed back.

Let’s get into the Ethereum price. In the video included here, I show you when you put your money into a traditional investment account with dividends with great stock. You’re getting probably about 4-6% back in dividends. I want to show you the price comparison form Ethereum.

From We could go to the Ethereum price. Ethereum was hovering around about 197 US

If you look at the charts over the one month period. We had a 46% gain even with that Black Thursday that happened. It looks pretty low and I think just based on the value of ethereum and investors coming in. They know that ethereum in the long run and in the short term. It is such a great asset to have. If you look at the 3 months we have a 20% gain a 1 year which is 26% gain which is great.

Regular dividend stocks that you purchase whether it’s bank stocks or gas talking roughly looking about 4-6% with the period of 1 year you know 26 and in all-time 6,476 % that was with a high of 1300. Ethereum gets to about 1385 and in the next Bull Rin which is coming. I’m predicting that we probably 10x. Not financial advice but I just think based on the developers and the partnerships especially with decentralized finance.

Decentralized finance has some holes and security issues that need to be worked out and kinked but who says that they’re not gonna became to work out. They’re so many developers are working on this to make it a great project. It’s already a huge product that is trying to make it even better than it is. All-time highest in the chart is 1385. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see after the one run it goes past 10,000.

Like I mentioned to my other videos. Bitcoin will always be Bitcoin. Store value. I think it’s like digital gold. Some people like to differ with me but I just think like with Ethereum you can be also a store of value especially with 2.0. It’s gonna have staking smart contracts.

Staking is gonna be huge because more people are gonna state their coins and that’s gonna make the price fluctuate a lot higher because there’s only excellent circulating supply of Ethereum that’s gonna be out there. It’s not limited but people are just gonna want to stake and get those rewards if you’re in calculator soon.

The article that is shared with talks about other things about ethereum, price, etc.

In this ethereum calculator, you could do your price prediction and you could plug in your numbers. The minimum amount of ethereum you need to stake is 32. Let’s say you have 64. That gives you 12,622 and display stake in US currency.

Now you could go to the Advanced Settings. Validate their uptime that means if you hover the expected uptime of the ethereum validator defaults to 99 percent. Let’s always up and running most of the time. Like I mentioned before there are bank stocks dividends from banks and gas companies out there. So with the calculation after 1 year your every state becomes from 64 to 73. Each reward you got 96 6000 so your return on investment was 14.6%. That’s more than double your traditional dividends.

As we all know what cryptocurrency and altcoins. You get a nice bull run and history has shown. That’s why I did talk in another video what is your exit strategy because a lot of people are here for short-term and mid-term. I would hold more longer-term on Bitcoin as well as some other altcoins.

Ethereum Eth 2.0 Staking & ETH Rewards Dividends Investing

Ethereum will hopefully be coming out very soon with 2.0. Let’s hope sooner than later! Ethereum price prediction.