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Ron G Nov/ 4/ 2019 | 0

Hey y’all, welcome to the channel. In today’s video, I’m going to show you some tips and tricks that are going to save you time and money before installing the blink XT2 to the camera. If you’re new to the channel, please don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment below with any questions that you have relating in this video.

So the XT two is actually a really great device. In my business, we actually installed a lot of security cameras for our customers. And the thing that I really like about the XT2 is that there are no cloud storage fees, there’s no monthly fees and a lot of the cameras that we provide for our commercial users that want to upload their video to the cloud, there is a large cost involved and just uploading files to the cloud. So that’s one of the things that I really liked about the blink XT2 two is if there’s zero cloud storage, you do have a limit and you could actually see it. When you come over here. See, right now I’m at 57% storage. That’s because I have a lot of my videos I set to advance and sometimes I’m just too lazy to actually go through the footage and just delete it because right now the sensor in the motion and set the highest.

So it’s actually capturing a lot of videos that I shouldn’t be, but I just haven’t had the time to kind of go through it. So in this video I’ll want it to show you a couple of things that I wish I saw before installing this because when I actually set up my cameras, I brought, I probably did one thing that you know, I knew I should have done before was actually checked the signal of my wireless devices in that particular area. So, let’s just get to it here. So I’m using a sense on the flip, which is replicating my enjoyed more, my sense, I guess 10 galaxies. So what I want to show you and what you should do prior to installing your camera is make sure you set up your cameras, make sure that they’re alive. I’m not going to go through this tutorial of something.

I’m maybe in another video, I’ll set it up for you, but there’s a lot of videos on YouTube that I’ll actually show you how to set up the blink XT twos. But once everything is set up and you have them live there in your feet, I’ve renamed all of my cameras, you know, like backyard, front yard, et cetera. So once it’s live and set up, it’s operating, it’s connected to your wireless network, everything’s looking good. Just layout your cameras on your kitchen table or wherever. Then go to the area where you’re going to install your camera. And what I want you to do is actually, let’s say I’m in my backyard and I’ve got the camera set up and you have your wireless router there. The first thing you want to do is just, have your wife, your daughter, your sons.

Sit outside where you want that camera and come over here to the camera that you have named. We call it, accurate. Just click on this little icon well over here and just make sure that you have, your camera to sync module has strong wifi and your camera to wifi is actually showing a great connection. When I first got mine installed, I actually had the cameras installed in the certain places that I wanted and the cameras weren’t working well, you know, just because of the RSSI, the levels of the wireless were too low. So one thing that I did have to do actually was this. I actually bought this a TP-link. I think it’s the AC model is AC 1750. It’s a range extender. So I’ll put a link down below. The AC 1750 and actually had it installed right around the front office.

Just so could cover a lot of the front. I guess the driveway and my XT2, which is located in the garage. So that is just one thing that you want to make sure. And let me just go to a diagram here. Let me just flip this around for you guys. So, like I was mentioning when you have your blink XT2, the first thing I want to do or what I’d recommend doing is just have someone sit over here, stand over here, hold your a blink XT2 camera and just make sure going to the settings of your equity too, like I showed you previously, and just look at the wireless, just make sure that you’re the module to sync, has good connection and, and also the wireless of camera has a good connection. And then what you want to do is just go to the other areas that you want to install your blink cameras.

So before I had my wireless router in the basement, I actually moved it up to kind of the main area and I tried to get wireless all the way into these areas. Yeah. But I had a hard time. So the majority of the cameras were kind of more on their side. So actually repositioned my access points out into this area. And then I put it that AC 1750 range extender and the front office and that covered the garage and it also covered the front area. I’ll show you actually another tool that I use, which I’m in for the Android phone, I think it’s called an ACR wifi. And we’ll go to my computer. So another quick way of making sure that you have enough signal in all those areas is you can download. If you running Android, you can download a program called Y dash Phi an R and it actually checks the signal strength of every area that you go to.

It’s kind of like a wifi analyzer. You can download this. You want to first make sure that you’ve got the proper network set up. We’ll just go back here, on your Android phone. Just make sure that you’re connected to your network. I have multiple networks in my home office. Well, I wrote a bunch of different SS IDs that connect to the blink XT2. So first, make sure that you’re connecting your proper, um, SS ID. Then come over to wifi and just click start. So what you want to do is you just want to walk around the area and I’ll show you while I walk around. So I’m walking around, you can actually see, it’s actually taking some images and it’s actually telling me down below what the RSSI signal strength is for that area. So what you want to do is you should want to make sure that you’re connected to your society, you’re in front of your house.

If you want to install that xt2 camera in that area and make sure that your signal strength is rough um, no lower than about, I would say minus 70 minuses 70 in all. If you had minus 52 that’s a really good signal. So go from minus 52 to minus 70 if you find you’re getting higher than minus 70 then I would look at, either repositioning your access point in a different area of your house or just getting the range extender and that’ll solve you a lot of headaches. Because like I mentioned before, I actually had all of my cameras installed. Then I had to reposition my access point. But if I did everything before, like grabbed this tool and made sure that I had the proper air society in those areas, then I probably would have the same thing, you know, a lot more time. So anyway, thanks for watching the video. If you like this video, don’t forget to subscribe to comments and click the bell notification. Thanks.

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