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Ron G Jun/ 3/ 2020 | 0

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In today’s video and blog, I want to talk about this recent article. Two things on Bitcoin. I know a lot of you guys have been watching my videos and reading my blogs. Mostly on Vechain. Like I mentioned the correlation between Vechain and Bitcoin. How it moves without the altcoins. I want to show you 2 things that I found in terms of news on Bitcoin.

Coin Telegraph just published this article from Bloomberg! Bitcoin is Setting up for 2017 like Bull run. Coin Telegraph kind of summarizes and it mentions that the way Bitcoin has been hovering between 6,7 thousand. Like I mentioned in one of my other blogs where I think things are kind of settling down because the worst of the news has already come out. In terms of the pandemic people losing their jobs, stimulus payments etc.

It this report it says Bitcoin becoming digital gold and it mentions here in quotations “Bitcoin in Gold” also stands to be primary beneficiaries of the unprecedented monetary stimulus that’s accompanied by a mean-reverting stock market. This is good news and this article is great to kind of send to people that are getting into Bitcoin and when I read this article, it just kind of lays all the things that I’ve been mentioning. Me saying that Bitcoin is like digital gold and puts more perspective and things.

One is a bull run coming and Bloomberg put out a lot of news in traditional stocks and everything in the market. When you read this article it just says they think the bull run is coming a lot sooner than I thought. I’m thinking more than 14, 15 months. This year will confirm bitcoins transition from a risk-on speculative asset to the Kryptos market version of gold. The report rates that 2020 will be the year when Bitcoin becomes digital gold and what they mentioned is like they said, this year market key test for Bitcoins transition towards a quasi-currency like gold and we expect it to pass. It says future tamed Bitcoin Bull run according to Bloomberg report. The inception of Bitcoin futures has tamed, raging Bitcoin bull market at the same time it says “increasing futures open interest declining volatility and relative outperformance despite the stock market shakeout indicates Bitcoin is maturing from a speculative crypto-asset toward a digital version of gold.” Like I mentioned before, I was trying to get into Ethereum roughly 145 then I saw it to 150. Now, we don’t see Ethereum ever getting the last 2,3,4 weeks. I’ve seen Ethereum always hover at least a 100 and 775 and it seems like Ethereum and Bitcoin are not going lower than around 68,000, 69,000 to 70,000. I think those support levels for Ethereum is like 170, 180 Bitcoin probably with 7,000 now.

In this other article, that coin telegraph has and it shows you from April 16 to April 22. You look at the prices of Bitcoin. It’s just hovering around 7,000 and I think it’s great for hard learners and everyone out in the cryptocurrency market. I think we’re just gonna seeing 7,000 maybe a small dip of 6900, 6800, maybe an occasional like 1 or 2 hours of 6,600 but overall 7,000 as support. I think it’s just gonna go up from there as we get closer to the Bitcoin halvening.

Bitcoin News & Bloomberg Bitcoin Halvening 2020

As we get closer and closer to the Bitcoin halvening more and more investors are entering the market or re entering the market. Will we be seeing a new support level of $7000 and maintaining $7000+? Than $8000 than mooning? VET VECHAIN and ETH will moon along side!

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