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Ron G Aug/ 24/ 2020 | 0

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We reached a thousand subscribers. Great! Milestone for me so my next milestone is probably either 5,000 or 10,000. I know a lot of you guys are into cryptocurrency especially Vechain and Ethereum and a little bit of card. I know but you guys know based on my channel. I’m very bullish on butane but I just want to say Thank you for everyone that has joined this group on YouTube and also the people who have joined my telegram group.

Today’s blog and video, I’m gonna answer a lot of questions because I was out today usually I’m in like a t-shirt or something or a hoodie but I had to go see some clients so that’s why you see me in a polo shirt. If I’m not answering a lot of your questions on telegram and stuff it’s because I’m out and about either with clients and all that stuff. You guys know I have my own like supply chain technology company and marketing so, I’m kind of busy doing that.

Let’s get into some of the questions you guys had. There was a great question on my telegram was it talked about real estate. It was HP straw HP crypto was asking what do I think of the real estate market in the next couple of months? For the real estate market it really depends on what city. We’re in Toronto and the real estate market in Toronto is pretty strong. The numbers aren’t as great as January, February. I think we had a slight dip 10% or 15%. I think home sales weren’t strong but the level like the pricing might have leveled off a little bit.

Also, I think because of the Airbnb. There’s not that many errand bees allowed to operate in Toronto. A lot of them are getting been pretty much and what’s happening is a lot of Airbnb are kind of converting over long term rentals. So, I think the housing market in terms of buying and renting or you’re looking to rent you’re not gonna get as much for rent. Like I said, It just really depends on the city.

If you’re in New York it’s different. In Toronto it’s different. For me personally, if I had a lot more money right now. I’d probably be looking at buying because the prices are a little lower. It really depends in a situation you’re not gonna get the best rates for rent right now but let’s say well obviously like when the pandemic is over. Things are gonna be a lot better and where it’s gonna go back up so, but then you also have to worry about landlord tenant accurate and laws.

You can’t put someone in Toronto like starting at a thousand and then next year you can’t boost them up to 1200 or 1500, there’s a percentage. You have to look at the tenant by law act and all that stuff in your province or in your state.

I had a lot of questions about price predictions. If you look at one of my videos about price prediction for Vechain you’ll see that price prediction. I don’t like to give like timings because like the market changes a lot. For example; like what we saw yesterday, we saw a Vechain go up to like putting zero five but what was the do like was it because of you know what use. We didn’t see much to use like we seen. You know the normal news like we’ve gained a lot of partnerships like with I Donte Cyprus hospital there’s a lot of boot camps and AMAs out there maybe there’s news that’s coming out very soon that we don’t know of but I don’t know, Maybe just a lot if the investors know about that and then maybe they’re just pumping a lot of money because they’re news might come out in a couple of days but we don’t have access to that information.

I tried looking everywhere on google and on forums etc. The best thing I could do was find the stuff on my last video. The next topic is Shopify, so strong in my telegram group was asking how he get started with e-commerce? So, that was how I got started on making. Part of my wealth and business, Basically the main thing is when you create a Shopify store. I started even before Shopify then I converted over to Shopify. I was using a program called Xcart.

Xcart developed by Russian developer in Russia very popular e commerce platform, Back then, you have to get a separate server for your e commerce and you had to get a separate server for payments and you had to do like PCI compliance so it was very difficult. You had to pay for a lot of monthly fees. So, I remember when at the peak of my ecommerce business. It was great because when you go to fetch mails and overwhelmed with the amount of emails that came in.

I couldn’t keep up with my emails because there’s so many orders. When I was running my e commerce site, I have my customers come in or like a regular FedEx and UPS reps come in to talk about my shipping rates. I remember we didn’t have an office because all the offices like any piece of space within my 2 warehouses plus storage was packed with customer orders and after that we had an 8 week delivery date because our staff couldn’t operate. We couldn’t fulfill our orders and we were a big print shop where we did custom canvas arts prints then we expanded into business flags and advertising flags and whole bunch of trade-show stuff.

The main thing I talk about is when you starting something trying not to be so generate to niche down where you can’t expand onto your items because when you start basting your emails, you don’t want to have stale offers like for us I member we are doing a lot of canvas so we do a blast out in.

This is very important thing, when you start your business the main thing you wanna do is make sure you collect emails.. Let’s say, you’re running a Groupon. You run a Groupon, someone redeems that voucher so, the main thing is you want to make sure that they redeem it online because when they redeem it online. The main thing is you want to collect their email address so, in order to get tracking confirmation of payment, their email address has to be in there because when times were slow let’s say our summers are a little low when times were slow. I could always rely on my email address because I had 40-50 thousand email addresses.

If I wanted 15 or 20 grand all I do is go to my email us. 40-50 thousand I’d figure out. What do we have in stock. How much can I market that up and can I make fifteen thousand based on these products. I put a little campaign, I’d hire my staff tell myself we’re gonna put a campaign put all the images together fire email blasts on Friday and then literally was all sold out so like point being is build your email list. Don’t be too niche specific. Make sure you have multiple products. For example; If you’re doing what I was doing you’re in print, you don’t want to do like metal prints or canvases. You want to expand into more products, let’s say, you’re in the health food, you want just don’t want to do but you want to expand it to make more health products where you can offer different variety and items that was one thing of learned early. I was too specific in what we’re offering. So, our offers got a little stale until we started to expand and change the business model around so customers are kind of realized like hey we’re doing more stuff or different things.

In terms of like running a Shopify site. What I like to do was because we was like e commerce 80% e commerce but we also had a brick and mortar store customers could walk in so when you want to optimize your Shopify site. You want to make sure your SEO is great. Your headings or titles, your tags all that stuff you can say product plus your city. You’re doing canvas prints you’d say canvas prints in Toronto canvas prints in Canada. Pick up your canvas prints in Canada pick up your canvas prints in our warehouse in City in Chicago in LA so, you keep doing articles hire marketing ream or if you know marketing anyone learn a little bit more about digital marketing like what I do ad what our team does and that’s how we were able to optimize and build our businesses based on technology e commerce print marketing because we know how to do that. It kind of gives you that upper edge based on your competitors because your competitors what their products are.

If you want to talk about price prediction and all that stuff and charts we’ve got a lot of good people in the telegram group so we’ve got, Alex Lynch in there, we have brine Kim. We have a whole bunch of other expert. Talk about realistic things. Trying to make sure and hoping that Vechain gonna go to $75. They’ll put things like into perspective for you just because they’ve been in the crypto game for a while.

We also talk a lot about different Ulta points. We’re talking about one particularly which is sharing and we’re also know certain tools that we use like coin stats network is a great tool. I’m gonna do another video on that but once I get more information on how exactly works but from what I see, you could check out coin stats network.

I’m gonna answer this for Neil Griffin so, he says be interested to hear your thoughts on US china sanctions that’s coming situation in Hongkong is powder keg and what sanctions mean for Vechain with anti China sentiment . It’s not going to be mass adoption for Vechain coming anytime soon for all.

I think this is a major stumbling block for Vechain. Hope to hear yours and other opinion on this subject. You could see that Vechain is very strong in Asia. Alex mentioned over here, he says, imagine like the Chiba exchanges might be coming soon. Imagine if the Chinese are able to regulate an exchange and Vechain gets on there. It’s gonna be massive because if you look at the overall population in North America. You’ve got Canada which is about 30 to 40 million and then you have that US which is like 330 million roughly. We’re only talking about hundreds of millions of people.

I think the exchanges in India have already opened up. Even on my channel. I’m looking at my analytics and I’m getting a lot of visitors from India. Andrew said we’re also in Australia. Also just names that we have like BMW, Walmart.